The Art of Give and Take

Every relationships, whether related to work or personal life, involves giving and receiving. Today I would like you to pause and probe yourself on this aspect: Are you a giver or a taker?

I often see that people have an issue with giving these days. Their main concern is: ‘what’s in this for me?’ The truth is, in most your relationships, whether at work or among friends, you would prefer to be a receiver rather than a giver. But people who are focussed on taking fail to realise one of the greatest joys in the world – the joy of giving.

What Goes around, Comes around

This is how the Law of Karma and the Universe works. In order to open yourself up to the gifts of life, learn to open your heart and give from the heart. Give of your love unconditionally and you will receive love in return. Give respect and you will receive respect.  Give support to others and you will be support in turn. Give others of your time and attention and when it’s your time to speak, your voice will also be heard. Accept others as they are and you will be accepted by them.

Giving creates Strong Bonds

One of the best ways to create a strong bonding with people is to give of your time, your expertise and your love. In fact, it is one of the surest ways to success in life. Research has shown that people who are givers form strong friendships and networks that last a lifetime. When you give freely and unconditionally, the receiver feels obliged to help you in return. It is a gesture that leaves its mark on the receiver’s mind.

Strike a balance

Many people feel they are entitled to receive endlessly, while some believe it is their dharma to only give. But know that you cannot remain a giver or a receiver always. There has to be an exchange of energy. If you have been a giver, then you must learn to receive with an open mind too. Striking a balance between giving and receiving is the key to healthy relationships.

Overcome Karma

An important aspect about giving is to give without expectations if you want to go beyond Karma, the state of “doing-ness”. Lord Krishna in the Srimad Bhagwad Gita, states that selfless and motiveless actions alone do not create Karma. Thus, so long as you identify yourself with your actions – in this case – giving, you continue to create Karma. In order to evolve spiritually and realise your true Self, you must give without expectation and when receiving, make it a point to reciprocate.

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