Do positive affirmations really work? Can you actually manifest your reality by repeatedly affirming and focussing your thoughts on a particular desire?

Today many people are practising positive affirmations in order to fulfil their desires and dreams. But do positive affirmations really work in this manner?
For this you must first try to examine the nature of your desire: What is your desire? Secondly: Is this your desire or the desire of the Universe from you? If it is your own desire, then most likely it comes from your egoic self, which is full of expectations, wants, lust and so on. When you try to fulfil your desires through the egoic self, then you go into an illusionary world of pleasure and pain beca use it is not your true desire.

Can all Desires be fulfilled?
Know that every desire comes with a set of qualifications. If the qualification is not met, then the desire might manifest for a while, but there will be a price to pay. For example, you are aspiring for a house, but you don’t have enough money, then you may get the house in the long run but it will be through a loan that you will struggle to meet. These sort of desires come from a place of wanting to prove yourself, wanting to make yourself happy, the desire of wanting pleasure, the desire of wanting to avoid pain, the desire of wanting to possess, the desire to feel actualised and so on.
If you are aspiring for a particular job that you are not qualified for, you may even get it with some trouble. But know that unless you work very hard and qualify yourself for the criteria that needs to be met, this job won’t be sustainable in the long term. If for instance, you are aspiring to marry a girl you dream about, then even if it comes about, you may not be able to sustain it in the long run because you were not qualified for it.
Genuine Desires

If on the other hand, you have desires that life wants from you:
These are very much desires of the present and are applicable to the present moment, not something illusionary that is dreamed about for a few years in the future. They are not something set aside for a hypothetical moment. As far as the Soul is concerned, these are related to the here and the now. When such a desire comes, along with this you may develop negative emotions because of fears and limiting beliefs. Now is the time you need affirmations in order to limit these fears and limiting beliefs.

What Affirmations do

Affirmations are not meant to attract something in your life. After all, you are a witness consciousness. When you think of attracting something, you attract it through the egioc body and these may be things that are not meant for you, things that will distract you from your life path. Affirmations are meant for removing negativity and fears so that you come to your natural state. Affirmations should be used for cleansing and for connecting to your natural Self, which is supportive, creative, powerful, compassionate, abundant, fulfilled, intelligent, accepting and content.

If you get trapped by the illusion of affirmations, there is a danger that you will start controlling life. Such people start affirming for every single thing in life – even trivial things like car parking, other people’s behaviour, their relationships and simple everyday tasks. Your life then becomes nothing but a mesh of controls. Know that when you control life, it loses its natural intelligence which is designed to provide everything you need. If you are too controlling, then eventually, with the string of non-fulfilment, you may become disillusioned with life.

Understand that when you affirm your natural state which is: “My life is without struggle” then you will not find messy traffic jams. If you affirm: “I am powerful”, then you will not have adverse people in your environment. If you affirm “I am healthy,” you will not have stresses and sickness.

Learning the lessons of the seven chakras will automatically align you to your natural state. Watch these videos on the 7 chakras:

Here are affirmations of the 7 chakras that will align you with Life and its true purpose:

I honour myself for what I am and what I am not
I honour others for what they are what they are not
I am in love, joy and harmony with self and others. My loved ones are in love, joy and harmony with me and others
I am safe and protected and my loved ones are safe and protected

I honour my own opinions
I honour the opinions of others as their opinions
I am independent and I allow others to be independent
I see sincerity, dedication, integrity honesty, power, success and growth in myself and my loved ones

I am grateful for all the challenges that help me to grow towards my true self
I will fight challenges and survival is my true nature
Ultimately truth alone will win
Life is easy and joyful
I am healthy and my family is healthy
I am supported and my family is supported
I nurture my body with healthy food, exercise, relaxation and connection with nature
I Am welcome here. I belong. I am One with everyone

Love, joy, trust, harmony, compassion, forgiveness and faith are my true nature
I have faith in my desires and in the fulfillment of my desires
I am abundant, in surplus and fulfilled

I am calm, composed, internalised, relaxed and natural
I will find solutions and transform situations
I communicate naturally, joyously and patiently
I take out time for creativity, joy, fun, love, happiness and recreation with family and friends.
I do what i love to do.
I am calm and relaxed in the now

I see completeness in everything
I accept everything the way it is as perfection of the universe

I am blessed, content and fulfilled
Gratitude is my true nature.
I am lucky and I am guided in everything

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