Seven habits of Successful People

Once the Texas billionaire, Bunker Hunt was asked for his advice on how to succeed in life. Hunt said: Success is simple. First you decide what you want and then, you decide if you are willing to pay the price to make it happen – and then pay that price. Unless you take the second step, you won’t have success in the long run. Most people who have had great success in life have weathered many challenges and persevered through each one of them, learning and relearning along the way. So let’s explore what sets successful people apart from those who only dream of success?


Every one of the people who make a difference in this world has a reason, energy, a nearly obsessive purpose that drives them to do things. It is passion that makes people stay up at night and get up early before the sun. Passion gives life its power and meaning. There is no greatness without a passion to be great, whether it is the aspiration of an athlete or an artist, a scientist, a parent, or a businessman.

Self Belief

Every religious text speaks of the power of faith. People who succeed on a world stage differ greatly in their beliefs from those who fail. Your beliefs about who you are and what you can be will precisely determine what you will be. If you believe in magic, you will live a magical life. If you believe your life is defined by narrow limits, you have no doubt made those limits real for yourself.

Clear values

Your values – the ethical, moral and practical judgments you make about what is important and what really matters. They are your compass and they determine what makes life worth living for yourself. An understanding of values is the most challenging and rewarding criteria for achieving excellence.


Energy can be your joyous commitment to your goals. It can be your entrepreneurial dynamism. People of excellence grab opportunities and shape them to their vision. They live as if obsessed by the boundless opportunities provided by each day.

Bonding Power

Most successful people have the ability to bond with others, the ability to connect with people from various backgrounds and beliefs. The great successes of the world have been people who forged bonds uniting them with millions.


The way you reach out to others finally determines the quality of your life. People who succeed in life have learned how to take any life challenge and communicate that experience to themselves in a way that makes them successfully change things. On the other hand, people who fail usually take the adversities of life and accept them as limitations.


A strategy is your way of organizing your resources. You can either open a closed door by breaking it down, or you can find the key that opens it intact. It depends entirely on your game plan.

You are More

So you see success is inseparable from physical, intellectual and spiritual energy that allows you to make the most of what you have. Many people have the passion, but given their limiting beliefs and traumas of their growing years, they lack in confidence, have low self-worth, rigidity and fears. This narrow attitude has led to the blockage in one of more of the Chakras. Such people cannot easily turn their dream into a reality. The solution for this is to check whether your belief system is aligning with your goals. Practice meditation and self analysis and wear healing items such as Rudraksha and Ratna for success, healing and empowerment.

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