Overcome the Fear of Failure

All of us are familiar with the proverb: Nothing ventured, nothing gained. In simple words, unless you step out of your comfort zone and take a risk, you will never accomplish anything in life.

The fear of failure is a paralyzing emotion that prevents a majority of people from attaining their goals. The best way to overcome this fear is to change the way you see failure. While we are naturally resilient by birth, our cultural conditioning later on tells us to avoid risk. An attitude of  ‘safety first’  makes us fearful of taking action.  Ask yourself, what will happen if I fail – Will it be punishment? Ridicule? Snickers? Shame? Insult? Anxiety? Loss? Delay?  Look these fears straight in the eye for a long time without judging and they will go poof.. disappear like a genie. They go away because they are just illusions.

Strengthen Your Will Power

To be resilient, you must strengthen your will power. Every day, try and accomplish new things. It could be small and simple tasks that you thought you were incapable of doing – learning to swim, taking up a new language, starting a conversation with a new person. Your will power holds behind it limitless energy to manifest great things. But you need to strengthen and activate it with practice, just as you would a weak muscle in your body.

Trust in Yourself

Trust that when you jump into a new field, you would be unstable for a moment but then you will stabilise yourself. Trust in yourself, in your knowledge, in your passion, in the God above and take a leap of faith. Even if you fail, you will learn lessons in what to avoid the next time and then leap again in the same field or in another field. But you will have to take the leap. In fact, IT companies are often encouraged to “fail fast” so that they can quickly figure out the right path to success. This is because once you have discovered what doesn’t work, you are better armed to create something what will work eventually.

You are a being of limitless potential and failures will often reveal to you what you are really capable of. All of us have heard stories of ordinary people who, when faced with extraordinary circumstances, ended up doing extraordinary things. Remember that unless you are tested, you will never know your true worth.

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