Making a Difference

No matter how small or insignificant you think you are, know that you can make a difference in the world. By doing what makes you happy and by living your passion, you can fulfil your role on this planet. Think of what you are good at. It could be small things – maybe you are a good listener and give good advice, you could be a counsellor or guide. Maybe you like to sing, but are afraid to pursue your passion. Maybe you want to help people in distress by giving them moral support or even assist someone physically. By connecting with your inborn talent or your true inborn nature, you can make a difference in this world.

And you will be surprised how much energy and self-confidence you will get when you live your real self, in addition to getting acknowledgement from the world. However, before you start on a well-meaning quest to make your mark in the world, there are some things you must consider.

Develop yourself

Learning never stops, not until you have reached the pinnacle of perfection.  Every one of should strive to improve your innate talents more. If you are already excel at something, try to add to your repertoire. People who make a difference in the world are humble. They realise very well that they are not perfect. They understand that their knowledge is not complete, and that there will always be gaps, limitations and prejudices, with new places to go with their expertise. So empower yourself in every way you can. Take classes, speak to peers and leaders in your field so that you may further develop your skills and talents.

Give up Ego

You must see not only what you want to give to the world, but also what the world wants to receive from you. Therefore, mould your giving in that manner. If you are in sync with the world and understand what is needed of you, you will surely make a difference. People who shaped the world have had a beginner’s mindset, meaning that they were open to learning and change. This will happen when you can gauge the environment around you. Remove the ego and rigidity from your mind. All scriptures say the ultimate aim of human life is to be a better and pure person. As such everything in your life should lead to oneness and love.

Open your heart

What you give to the world becomes your power over the world. It is in giving that you receive. So don’t just give, thinking that you are making a sacrifice. In truth, you will receive as much as you givePeople who make a difference have a loving and compassionate heart. This will give you the openness to see, learn and experience new things in order to better serve the world.

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