Is it true that you can be whatever you want in life?

A human being takes birth in this world only with one intention; and that is to realize Himself. For this, the role play that he will execute is pre-decided. So whether he would be realizing himself by being an artist, athlete, intellectual, humanitarian, administrator or anything else is fixed and it is what we call destiny. So the family he takes birth in, the physical features he takes on, his likes and dislikes, as well as all events he comes across in life are all part of this universal “conspiracy” for him to discover his higher self. His heart opens only for his “Dharma” or life purpose and that alone gives him the Prana or vital life force to achieve success in that. So while every human being can try to become what they want, the intention of life will keep on making them fall back on the path which is already carved for them.

Today we hear lot of talk about “Mind power”. I hear trainers saying that they can help you “hypnotize” your mind and create the kind of life you want. This creates a lot of stress and illusion in the minds of people as they feel solely responsible for creating their lives. When you “desire” something you automatically align to the fear of failure. Thus all great Masters over times have told that desire is the root cause of suffering. Lord Krishna says in Gita that one should just do his action and leave the results to God. And here we see trainers telling you that results are in your hands and you can control them. Nothing can be farther from the truth. The entire theory of mind power itself is incorrect. When you are a soul and not the mind, how can you work on mind power? One needs to fall in tune with the intention of life to be promoted by life. A wave has to fall in order to get the power of the ocean. Separation from the intention of life will make you lose power and will be momentary. The only true way is to connect with the soul through meditation and Yog techniques. Then the power of the intention will flow the brightest through your heart centre and make you the brightest replica of the divine.

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