How to Develop Personal Power

Most people spend their lives resisting change but the truth is personal growth comes only with change. It is essential for your evolution, for the development of your self-esteem and self-confidence. It may take a job change for some people to break free from a tedious routine, to test their limits or to explore their creativity. For others, the end of a relationship may force them to break free and explore new horizons.

In your journey to develop Self Power, the first thing you need is belief in yourself. Self-belief is the bedrock on which personal transformation begins. For this, you must honour yourself and your opinions. If you struggle to find your own opinions for most part of your life, you will remain dependant on others for approval. Gradually you will feel victimised with what the world offers.

There comes a time in a person’s life when you realise that all the answers are within you. You have to trust your inner instinct to do the right things in life. This journey involves various stages. Rebellion, Realization, Self-Love and Evolution are the stages you must pass in the quest for an independent and empowered life. Always remember, the answers are within you. You don’t have to ask others. Even if you do, you must ultimately decide for yourself.

Step One- Take a stand

Developing personal power needs an act of rebellion or a series of mini rebellions. For this, your dependency on others has to be released. You may have fears of losing your relationships with others, but this too has to be released. The fear of isolation has to be released or it will keep you a captive victim in relationships forever. A rebellion will help you establish your own sense of authority. It’s not always easy to break away from the viewpoint of others, especially when they are your own family and friends. But the act of finding your own voice and standing up for yourself is spiritually significant. Understand that finding your voice doesn’t necessary mean being stubborn. It means being spiritually mature, being able to introspect and honor your personal values.

Step Two – Realization/Self-exploration

With every new rebellion comes the realization of your inner self, of your new boundaries and your true Self. With every new rebellion the urge to know your Self better arises. This self-realization often leads people to focus on their life purpose and their relationship with the Supreme Consciousness. Some of you will feel unprepared and unready for this transition, but if you take this step, it may lead to the birth of a new self.

Step Three – Self-Love

This stage involves developing a strong sense of Self. Self-love is a necessary energy needed for self-empowerment. You must love yourself to the extent that you can rebuild, reinvent and recreate yourself in face of all opposition. This process may also involve making external changes, but that will help you break free and prepare for crucial inner changes that will follow.

Step Four – Evolution

After the first three stages comes the final stage, which involves evolution of your inner self. This last stage in developing self-esteem is an internal one. Now is the time to take control of your physical environment without compromising on your principals, dignity and faith. At this point, you will know how to reflect and accommodate the power of your spirit. In this stage you will receive intuitive guidance to evolve so that your personality becomes the persona.

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