How to Deal with Stress

Stress is the way your body and mind reacts to a demanding situation. Stress usually comes from experiences you have labelled as “unpleasant” or “bad”.  You must remember that stress is not your natural state. Fears and worries do not sit well with the laws of life. They go against your real nature – this is why they are causing mental and physical discomfort.

When stress resides in a particular part of the body, it indicates the kind of negative thoughts you have been having. This particular body part will then develop aches and pains and draw your attention.

Identify your stress

Sit in a quiet place and analyse the cause of your stress. What is bothering you? Every stress is rooted in a fear that causes a blockage in the body’s Chakras, or energy centres. If not addressed early on, these fears will manifest as physical and mental issues affecting that particular Chakra in the body.

  1. If your stress is related to money and worries about lack of support, this is an imbalance of the Root chakra. It will also affect your legs, with pain in the feet and bones.
  2. The Stress relating to disharmony in relationships is related to Sacral Chakra imbalance This fear may affect your intestines, kidney and lower back.
  3. The Stress of feeling powerless is due to an imbalance of the Manipur Chakra. It will manifest as problems in the stomach, liver and digestion.
  4. If you feel grief, hurt or mistrust in people, then your Heart Chakra is out of balance. It will impact your heart and circulatory system.
  5. Are you suffering from Stress of not being able to express yourself? Your Vishuddha Chakra may be out of balance. It may manifest as problems of the ears, throat and thyroid glands.
  6. If you are Stressed about a situation which you just cannot accept, then the Ajna Chakra is out of balance. This may manifest as pain in the forehead, eyes and migraines.
  7. If you suffer from the Stress of considering yourself “unlucky” and “forsaken by God”, then your Sahasrara Chakra has become blocked. It may manifest as issues of the brain, with pain in the temples and sides of head.

Replace Negative with Positive

Whatever your fear is, you need to release it. Accept and surrender at the feet of the Divine and let it go. You need to expel the lower emotions of stress and fear and develop the higher emotions of faith, trust, forgiveness, acceptance, confidence, self-worth and love.

Life is giving you situations so that you can evolve to your higher self. Until you align yourself to life’s lessons, you will not be able to change any situation the way you want. Know that you have come on earth to learn the laws of life, so that you may become Divine and transform yourself into a Perfect being.

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