Beating Stress in This World

Today so many people in the world are tormented by unknown fears and worries about tomorrow. The global uncertainty has disturbed many and fears of financial instability makes others worry about how they will provide for their children and keep aside enough for their retirement years. If you have these fears, you must realise that these are all illusions.

What’s worrying You..

Do you have any pressing problem today, in this NOW moment?

Was there any situation in the past you couldn’t handle at all?

Why do you mistrust life, when it has taken care of you since the day you were born?

Know that life always works only in your favour. The fears of tomorrow are illusions similar to the fear that a blue snake will enter your room. There is no antidote for such a fear. What can you do? You can’t kill the blue snake because it hasn’t come into your room yet! You can’t remove the snake that has entered your mind. Only thing is, you can SEE the thought and let it go. Poof!

Understand that fears which are not in the present can’t be dealt with. You have handled life till now and you will deal with challenges again, if they reoccur.

 Live in the Now

So, the best way to live life is to live in the NOW. Stay connected with your family and your friends. Enjoy your youth, their company and the times when they are with you today. Enjoy the childhood of your children while it lasts. Be thankful for the love and care your parents show for you. Enjoy being with your friends while they are still in your life. Enjoy your job and your work while you still have it, and are able prove yourself.

In short, enjoy everything while it lasts, because the only constant in life is Change. Surrender to the flow of life while it is there. Row, row, row your boat, Gently down the stream. Merrily merrily merrily, Life is but a dream.

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