What Is Karma and How Does it Work?

Karma is the fundamental law of nature, which is automatic and mechanical. Karma is not something imposed on you as a system of punishment or reward, nor is it something God can interfere with. Today “Karma” has a negative connotation and is mostly defined as “bad karma” – something accumulated as a result of wrong actions. This kind of karma binds the soul to the cycle of rebirth.

What is Karma

You need to understand that karma is not your accumulated sins but your wrong and fearful perceptions about life situations. It is your state of “doing-ness.” When you believe that “I have to struggle for success” or “I am not good enough”, “I fear instability” or “Money is evil”, “Relationships are painful” you develop negative karma. Then you attract negative situations depending on your wrong perceptions, which force you to delve within and release these fearful beliefs.

How do You create Karma

Since you are the Creator, you hold the power to create what you think or what you believe in. Wrong beliefs get trapped in the root chakra and keep ripening until the time they surface the situations in front of us. This is the time to either release the belief or replace it. Secondly,  the mind is constantly wandering either in the future or in the past. This wandering mind develops intentions and actions to be undertaken in future for pain or pleasure.

If you remain in the Karmic cycle, situations can never be controlled. Only when you are out of this cycle, you can become the captain of your ship. For instance, in marital distress, if you desire a loving partner other than the partner you already have, then Karma gets created. Karma once created will fructify months or years later in form of the desired loving partner you wished for. Maybe at this point in life, everything is going well and there is no need for a new partner, but the fruit of the seed sown in the past has arrived because it was well nurtured. Now you cannot ignore this fruit; it must be consumed, willingly or unwillingly.

Karma also gets created when you desire a big huge house with luxuries and comforts. You will have to face many tests and challenges to meet this goal. The deep desire of needing/ wanting and the feeling that you are lacking creates obstacles in your path. If you wish to go back and lead a peaceful life, you cannot. You have no option because the seed of Karma was sown and it has now germinated.

Seeds of Karma also get sown with emotions like anger and revenge against people. Even if you have overcome these emotions later on, the fruits will still develop because the seed was sown in the first place.

You are What You Believe

There is only one thing that you truly own on this earth, one thing that cannot be taken from you, a thing you always carry wherever you go. It is your belief. Your belief is completely unique to you. No one ever, anywhere, will ever have the exact same belief of reality as you do because there are no two people whose lives have been exactly the same.

That is why you need to generate the power to control your mind, to control your mind so that you can form your goals and perform suitable actions with an intention to achieve them. This power is generated through meditation. This is the time the heart comes into the play i.e. “Now”. The desires of the heart come with no intentions, no action and no karma. Heart just desires to experience, it’s the mind that sets out to achieve and that’s how it creates Karma. The heart never wishes to attain, but only feel and experience.

 How to Get out of Karma

The solution is not to throw away the fruit. You need to release the pleasure and pain from that fruit. This can be done by realizing the moment in which the seed was grown. The beliefs (pain & pleasure) can be released, only after realizing and digging into the past.  Give deep thought to that moment when the seed was sown and when Karma was created.

Learn to be a detached witness to life.  Even the Buddha, after enlightenment, had to live out the Karma already present in him, but by bearing witness and not getting drawn, he stopped creating more memories and further Karmic seeds.

The key solution is detachment and forgiveness. Forgiveness is the prescription for breaking karmic chains that have been wound around you for many lifetimes.

If you strengthen the ego, give it more importance and are caught in ego-centric desires, then you are accumulating Karma. If on the other hand, you reside in pure consciousness and dwell in Being-ness instead of Doing-ness, you will free yourself from the entanglements of Karma.

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