What Baby Krishna tells us

The extraordinary birth circumstances of Krishna marked the beginning of the most colorful incarnation of God on earth. From early infant hood, the all-attractive Bala Gopal was famous in Gokul for his mischief making. The stealer of butter, the player of pranks and the performer of a wonderful variety of pastimes, Baby Krishna won all hearts in spite of His mischievous antics. It’s not that the irrepressible Krishna never got punished for His childhood pranks. When people complained to His mother about His latest prank, the toddler Krishna was often spanked or tied to a mortar by an exasperated Yashoda. Yet His innocent and loving nature soon melted every heart and Yashoda was often reduced to tears of remorse after punishing her son.

As we prepare to celebrate Janamastami this week, let us dwell on this avataar and what we can learn from His childhood leela. Let us strive to live like the all-attractive Bala Gopal, mesmerizing people around us with our loving sweetness. Let us become forgiving like Mother Yashoda to the antics of people around us. Let us awaken the innocent naughtiness within us and not let the daily grind take away the taste of this beautiful life.

Above all, let us live life playfully, refusing to get bogged down by the problems that come our way. In order to be playful, you will need a heart full of love, a joyful mind and a healthy body. Like Krishna, who danced through a divine life regardless of what was happening around him, let us ever be in tune with the Divine within ourselves.

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