Love Changes Everything

Love is often portrayed as a complex emotion, given the problems people have in dealing with it in their lives. But the mysteries of the heart are not so complex if you meditate on the Heart or the Anahata Chakra, your seat for love and desires of the heart.

The Secret of Real Love

The matter when you look at it is actually quite simple. There are only two emotions in this world. One is Love and the other is the opposite of Love. You may call it fear, jealously, anger or selfishness or another name. Love or unconditional love is the only emotion that cancels out fear. What you know as Fear has many faces – anger, jealousy, greed, bigotry and selfishness are only a few of them.

How to Cultivate Love

To bring Love in your life, you must make it a practice to choose Love over Fear at every step and every moment. Make it a point to always, consciously choose Love. When you are able to do this, no matter what happens around you, situations will not reach your inner core and they will not affect you negatively. This is because Love and Fear cannot coexist in the same space at the same time.

For instance, you cannot harbour angry thoughts about a person and a loving thought of them at the same time because these are different frequencies on the scale of emotions. Love is in the top 50% of the scale, whereas Fear resides in the bottom half of the frequency scale.

If you choose the higher emotional frequencies, your anger will melt away. Every time you display kindness and wisdom of the Higher Self, you lift your consciousness. And in that higher consciousness you will find the energy of All That Is.

Love is, quite simply, a state of boundless compassion. It knows no boundaries and no limitations. In this state of being in the Higher Self, you process all happenings and situations through the spiritual layer of Feeling rather than the Mind.

Giving opens up the Heart Chakra

Another way to practice love is through generosity, which nurtures all relationships in the long run. It opens up the Heart Chakra, your seat for universal love and trust. To be open-hearted, release all past grievances. Make it a habit to give freely of yourself – of your money, your time, your praise and guidance when it comes to loved ones.

Trust in God that whenever you do good, it will come back to you manifold. Be as generous as possible; do little things for your loved ones, things that make them feel special and cared for. This will go a long way in nurturing long-term relationships.

Only Love is Real

Remember that Love is the solution to all problems in Life. Learn to love your enemy, love your illness, love everything that happens to you because these will evolve you to a higher level of being. Such unconditional love may sound very difficult. Yes, it is hard to Love those who did you wrong, but the only way you can evolve is by loving them. Your ego tends to stop you, as does the pain and grief you harbour from past hurts.

But know that having Free Will, you have the freedom to choose at every turn of your life how you react to situations. Realize that your world is only temporary, and that you are, in truth, Eternal Spirit incarnated in biological flesh. And Love is the only feeling you must cultivate to manifest your inner hidden Divine Light.

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