Is the purpose of life just Self-realisation or there is something beyond that?

Life has no purpose. It simply lives and expresses itself in different forms. The nature around you with all the birds, animals and trees and all animate and inanimate objects are different expressions of life. A seed does not flower into a plant because it wishes to. A chicken does not hatch from the egg because it wants to. Everything just happens. Human being is an expression of life wherein it has a mind that can see itself and thus realise itself. So, what is ‘itself’?  It is the Isness of your being which is reflected in full glory when you completely realise yourself. Today every human being plays different roles in his life; both personal and professional. He is a father, son, brother, friend, manager, inventor etc. In each role, he evolves to his full potential when he tunes himself to life. With evolution he realises stability, self-esteem, power, love, creative expression, intelligence and abundance which are the nature of his loving and joyful true-self. When I teach chakras, I say these are the expressed traits of the seven chakras when they blossom fully.

Tuning to life

Mind is subject to ego. It creates separation with life and tries to divert and distract you through the illusions of Kaam (lust), Krodha(wrath), Mada(entitlement), Moha(attachment) and lobha(greed). It is likened to a monkey and clings onto past experiences, imaginations, definitions, perceptions and identifications. In the grip of the mind, the jeeva (or being) tries to control life and develops pleasure and pain and different emotions. This is the cause of all darkness of ignorance that leads to diseases, despair and disconnection with the source that exists in the trapped jeeva.  All spiritual practices are done to extricate the mind from this ego, cleanse it of emotions and transform it’s habit and tendency to control and form definitions so that it comes home.

Home coming of the mind

Mind is a form of the divine self that reflects the higher consciousness. It is the moon that reflects the mighty Sun. It needs to surrender and align to reflect the full glory of the Sun in different forms that create life on earth.  This alignment is tuning to the laws of life through different kriyas (practices) and meditations as taught by our ancient scriptures and gurus and masters overs the years. With surrender, it realises and remembers its oneness with the creator and merges into Him. This is what is called Yog and all branches of spirituality lead to this. The cycle of forgetting and realising is a Leela (illusion) played by the Yogmaya or the Shakti principal and it is endless.

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