Is spirituality a battle between light and darkness?

Life is finally all about Self realisation. It is an intention of the consciousness that is being fulfilled every moment. For this several stories and characters are interwoven together as life plays its Leela or Maya or Illusion. In this complex interwoven stories, the soul which is actually a witness has the task of extricating itself from being a character in the play to moving to its rightful seat of being an audience. And sitting in the audience seat, it realises that actually life is realising Him. He was always complete and fulfilment and joyous and loving all along.

Play of Maya

In every act one needs two opposing forces; The Hero and the Villain, Ying and Yang, Right and Wrong, Truth and False etc. Everything that exists is because it has an opposite; profit-loss, give-take, happy-sad, stable-unstable, creative-stuck, powerful-victim, rich-Poor, good-bad etc. We associate light with all positive qualities of wisdom, clarity, generosity, power, goodness etc and darkness with all negative ones like ignorance, confusion, selfishness, negativity, evil etc. So in the stories Rama is shown as Light and Ravana is shown as darkness. So is life trying to make us realise that we are light? No. We are the formless Truth or Shivalinga that Rama installed before He went to war with Ravana. We are the Truth in every moment. We are what makes Light envelop darkness and make it like itself. We are the love, joy and consciousness that is the cause of both light and darkness becoming definitionless. That’s why the words Sat-Cit-Anand or Truth-Consciousness-Bliss are associated with our higher self. When Rama went to exile to keep the word of his father Raja Dashrath to Kaikeyi, it was the truth in that moment. When he fought a war to get back his wife from Ravana, it was a truth also. When she sat on the pyre of fire to prove her chastity, it was a truth. And when she was made to leave Ayodhya because a dhobi’s words cast aspersions on her, it was another truth. Both Kauravas and Pandavas suffered in the war, but the Pandavas winning the war was the truth. Kauravas went to heaven while Pandavas initially went to hell, was another truth. It needs higher wisdom or evolution to align and eventually merge with the truth and that happens when one rises above personal attachments, emotions, definitions, limitations and even dharma and surrenders to what IS.

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