Is fear necessary for motivation in Life?

Fear is an emotion which shows up whenever we feel threatened by some danger, or harm or pain. It gives you energy and momentum to run out of a situation that is potentially dangerous to your survival. So, if you were to see a ferocious animal, out of fear, you would run and save yourself. Therefore fear is a necessary trait for survival of body consciousness. However, the emotion of fear settles in your consciousness as a whole, and affects many aspects of your life, where it ideally should have no role to play. The different faces of fear are:

· Fear of losing something or someone you cherish or want a favour from.

· Fear of annihilation and destruction of self or someone else you cherish.

· Fear of failure

· Fear of being unwanted or not accepted or not acknowledged.

· Fear of being not good enough.

· Fear of not achieving what you desire.

· Fear of the unknown

Most of the people are trained right from childhood, to change themselves or their situations out of fear. So a little child displays good behaviour out of fear of punishment that would come his way. A student tries to achieve good grades out of fear of not wanting to disappoint his parents or teachers.  Even health is maintained out of a fear of physical suffering or fear of a disease.  Relationships are maintained out of a need of being wanted and therefore out of a fear of being alone.  You work hard for success out of a fear of losing to competition and ultimately a fear of being a failure.

The major drawback of the fear emotion is that it closes your heart and your third eye and this blocks your intelligence.  In the face of fear, all you can do is run and move forward, because of being in motion.  But that hardly is progress, because you are not creative when you are in fear.

Therefore fear is not the emotion we want to bring for motivation.  The most important emotion for motivation must be Joy.  Joy is an extraordinarily powerful emotion.  It drives intelligence in a powerful but natural way.  Having joy as a dominating motivational feeling, a student will study harder; an employee will work more creatively and aggressively; and relationship will be harmonious and not controlling; a business man will grow his business creatively to higher levels.

Fear is a necessary emotion, but at the same time, it has to be understood only at a bodily and sensory level.  At the level of Soul, fear only pulls back motivation, and is a block to success.

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