Can you Achieve Success without Setting Goals in Life?

When you step into the professional world, you find yourself overwhelmed by its multiple demands. Added to this is your expectation from yourself as well as those of your family members. Your then start seeking ways to find success and at this point in time, you are introduced to targets and goals. You learn about affirmations and vision words, and you hear that you are the creator of your life. Who doesn’t want to live a good life? So you start creating goals for a “good life” and the definition of that life is taken from what you see around yourself. Most of you think you will be happy if you have the comforts and conveniences gathered from those you see happy and think of as “successful”.

In doing this, you join the rat race in which millions of people are engrossed today. They are visualising grand homes, exotic holidays and entertainment, name, fame and success, love and happy relationships and a muscular and shapely body. Realise that the more you go for things outside of you, the more you develop the fear and anxiety, and starts controlling things around you. Ultimately, you realise that you are one of the rats in the rat race.

Stop planning for success

Know that this is all an illusion. Success of not achieved by visualising it or creating it through affirmations. Success is not outside of you. To achieve success and happiness in life, one has to go within. The outer world is just a reflection of your inner being. Your true inner core is creative, powerful, expressive, content and abundant. To reveal this inner core you need to cleanse yourself of all illusionary outer coverings of limitations, faulty beliefs and fears.

Make your Present perfect

This is where Yog and spirituality comes into the picture. Know that it is nature that plans your goals and targets. Nature knows where it has to take you and where you belong. Just as nature will produce the right fruit in the right season, climate and the soil conditions, in the same manner your true being will fructify when you reach the right environment at the right time, when you connect with yourself. You need to leave all the planning to life.  You have to live in the moment. It is the moment Now that encompasses everything, from the learning you have done in the past to the preparation you need to do for tomorrow. It is the Now that will give you the vision for tomorrow and prepare you for tomorrow. You have to only live in the Now. Making goals and targets makes you control life and this controlling makes life lose its natural intelligence to do what is right for you.

So the answer is: You can achieve success without setting any goals in life. Because deep inside, you are success personified.

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