Please read the article below carefully. Many secrets are revealed in this about the functioning of Gayatri mantra. This shows us why we need to chant Gayatri in order to reach divine energies. Day after day, I am being convinced that it is the Gayatri mantras of the different Gods that give profound results in this KaliYuga rather than praying to the Gods directly. In next post, I will be writing mantras of many different Gods.

Gayatri is not some Goddess but is Adi Shakti that has manifested from Brahman or God. Gayatri is the root cause or substratum of all material objects and because of its existence there is movement, energy, advancement, inspiration and conversion in the inert-conscious world. Just as the machine called radio in one’s house contacts the all-pervasive ether vibrations in the cosmos, which helps one to hear radio broadcasts not only of one’s own country but of other countries too. Similarly when the soul force of an individual comes in contact with the all-pervasive Gayatri of the cosmos, it understands clearly the movements of subtle nature. And when one learns how to aptly utilize this subtle Divine Energy as per one’s will, one can attain all wealth pertaining to the material world, psyche and the soul. The path that leads to this wealth is called Gayatri worship. Many people opine that since our goal is attaining God, vision of the soul and liberation while yet living, why should we delve into the subtle nature of Gayatri? We should only worship God. Deep thinkers should understand that Brahman (God in his all-pervasive soul form) is taintless, untouched, pure, formless and beyond the 3 Gunas. Such a God neither loves anyone nor hates anyone. He is merely a witness and cause of his creation. One can never directly attain such a formless God because between God and the living being (Jeeva) there is the intense veil of subtle nature (energy). In order to go beyond this intense veil we will have to make apt use of materials of nature.

The mind, intellect, psyche, ego, imagination, meditation, subtle body, 6 Chakras (plexuses), image of our beloved God, devotion, sacred sentiments, worship, vows, rituals, spiritual practices are all creations of Maya (God’s power of illusion). How can one attain the formless God without taking apt help of all these? Just as in order to fly in air we need an air plane, in the same way, in order to attain the formless God (Brahman) we will have to take help of basic spiritual practices. One can attain formless God only after going beyond this veil via Gayatri worship. The truth is this that the experience of realization takes place only in the womb of Gayatri. After raising oneself spiritually, one’s subtle sense organs and its experiential power, too disappear. Hence those who wish to attain God and salvation are known to worship the admixture of Gayatri and formless God in the forms of Radhey-Shyam, Seeta-Ram, Lakshmi-Narayan etc. A spiritual aspirant can fully merge with the formless God when the formless God desires to become one with maya and thus he encompasses all individual souls into its single formless nature. Before this, all individual souls can only attain proximity, similar form and unity with a God who has a name and form i.e. Saguna Brahman. In this manner we are forced to worship the admixture of Gayatri with Brahman having a name and form. All those spiritual practices that help in attaining such a God will be via the subtle natured Gayatri. Hence it is not apt to think that in order to attain the formless Brahman, there is no need of Gayatri worship. In fact Gayatri worship is a must. If someone insists on ignoring or opposing a God with name and form know for sure that that is his own opinion. But it is impossible to ignore the Gayatri principle when one sets off to attain the formless God. Many individuals say that we carry out spiritual practices ceaselessly. We do not desire any fruits of our actions and hence why should we take help of subtle nature? Such people should realize that although they have no desire for material benefits, yet they do have the desire to attain God. One can never perform any action without thinking of its results. Even if one gets something, the result will be nothing but a waste of time and energy. The meaning of true desire less action is with reference to divine Sattva Guna and spiritual desires. Such pure desires come in the first leg Hreem of Gayatri i.e. in the Saraswati category. Hence the worship of desire less sentiments is not outside the limit of Gayatri worship.

Scientists who have substantial knowledge of the Science of Mantra-chanting know that it is chanted via the various organs of throat, palate, lips, teeth, base of the tongue etc. When one chants a Mantra, the nerve fibers of all those organs that manifest its sound, spread out in all corners of the body. In this widespread area are present many glands which get influenced by the pure sound vibrations of Mantra chanting. The body has many small/big, visible/invisible glands. Great Yogis fully understand that in those sheaths there are many special hidden storehouses of energy. The 6 Chakras (plexuses) pertaining to the Sushumna (subtle spinal region) are well-known and there are many glands too in the body. The chanting of various words (Mantras) influences these varied glands and thus the hidden storehouse of energy in these glands get activated. It is on this basis that Mantras have been designed. There are 24 letters in the Gayatri Mantra. It is related to those 24 glands in the body which when activated, radiate energies pertaining to light of pure thinking. By one-pointedly chanting the Gayatri Mantra, the guitar of the body starts giving off sound vibrations in 24 areas and such tunes emanate, which influence the important elements of the subtle world. This very influence is the casual influence of the fruits of

Gayatri worship. When you sing the Deepak Raag (an Indian classical music tune), a doused flamed lamp is re-lit; by singing the tune Megh-Malhaar we can get rain. With the sound of flute, snakes starting dancing, deer lose their consciousness due to ecstasy and cows give more milk. When one hears a cuckoo singing, our sexual passion is awakened. America’s Dr. Hutchinson gained fame when he succeeded in curing many incurable and painful diseases using music therapy. Indian Tantriks play on a Thaali (big steel plate) placed on a big pot with a special speed and this helps in curing patients who have been afflicted by ghosts or bitten by venomous creatures etc. The reason being that the vibrations of musical words take with it subtle nature along with atoms of its own kind so as to circumambulate ether and reach its substratum center. Over there one finds a special electrical force which tends to influence diseased parts under special circumstances. Similarly this is the very reason why Mantra chanting too gives amazing results. When one chants the Gayatri Mantra, a similar special energy manifests. While chanting the Gayatri Mantra 2 parts of the mouth are at work and it is over here that subtle nerve fibers activate some special glands. When vibrations are sent out from these areas, a cyclic Yogic music of Vedic meter flows in the ether principle and in a few moments bring back the army of its similar nature which in turn has returned after having circumambulate the cosmos. This helps us attain desired goals. The 5 elemental (material) flows of the powerful vibrations of word-music and the sentiment, spiritual endeavor, relationship based on worship of the subtle nature of soul force makes Gayatri Energy so powerful that it is a great blessing for its devotees. Man’s body has untold extraordinary powers. This fact has now been accepted by modern day scientists too. These energies are under the control of certain glands/centers of the human body. Every letter of the Gayatri Mantra helps in influencing one or the other important centers of energy. Just as when you place your finger on a key of a typewriter and a specific letter gets typed, in the same way certain words influence the energy centers of our body.

Following is a table that enumerates the relationship of every letter of the Gayatri Mantra corresponding to a bodily gland and its energy. No. Letter Name of Gland Energy present in the Gland

  1. Tat Tapini Success
  2. Sa Safalta Enterprise
  3. Vi Vishwa Nourishment
  4. Tur Tushti Well-being
  5. Va Varda Yoga
  6. Ray Revati Love
  7. N Sukshma Wealth
  8. Yam Jnana Radiance
  9. Bhar Bharga Raksha
  10. Go Gomat Intellect
  11. Day Devika Sense control
  12. Va Varahi Steadfastness
  13. Say Sinhani Concentrati
  14. Dhee Dhyan Vital Force
  15. Ma Maryada
  16. Hee Sfuta Penance
  17. Dhi Medha Far-sightedness
  18. Yo Yogmaya Awakening
  19. Yo Yogini Creation
  20. Naha Dharini Smoothness
  21. Pra Prabhava Ideal
  22. Cho Ushma Daring
  23. Da Drishya Discrimination
  24. Yat Niranjan

Service Gayatri activates the above mentioned 24 energies in a spiritual aspirant. These qualities are so important that along with their activation, infinite number of prosperities, divine glories (Siddhis) and wealth is attained. Gayatri worship is not blind faith but is in fact a scientific mode of worship and one definitely benefits from it. Hence in Indian scriptures it is called the Kamadhenu (wish-fulfilling cow) of planet Earth. In the Puranas (Indian Mythology) it is said that in heaven, the demigods possess the Kamadhenu cow. It gives nectarine milk and because the demigods drink it daily, they remain contented, happy and prosperous. This cow has a very special characteristic wherein if a person comes in its vicinity with some desire in his mind, those desires are immediately fulfilled like the proverbial Kalpvriksha (wish-fulfilling tree). Thus the Kamdhenu cow fulfills the desires of all who approach it. This Kamadhenu cow is Gayatri. That man who worships the demigod of this Gayatri Mahashakti of divine nature will definitely get the chance to drink the spiritual milk of Gayatri Mata’s breast. Such a person will not face any hardships. The Soul is bliss manifest. Such a person’s character is full of bliss. As soon as sorrow is overcome, a person experiences his true soul nature.

He realizes that he is the cosmic soul and not the physical body that has a limiting name and form. The demigods of heaven incessantly experience ecstasy.

In the same way human beings too can experience soul bliss while dwelling on planet Earth if only all the causes of sorrow are destroyed. The Kamadhenu cow in the form of Gayatri worship helps mankind to overcome all hardships.

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