Cleansing – The Ultimate Meditation

All problems we face in life finally boil down to one fact.. We take in negativity and hold on to it. Life is not about becoming positive, it is about releasing the Negative, because when dirt is cleaned, the Shine is visible.. You don’t have to become courageous, you have to release the Fear… you don’t have to become more loving, you have to release the resentment.. Shravan is the month when our old belief patterns can be released more easily. Dears we have been holding on to hurt/pain/grief/fears for so long.. they are creating ulcers in our stomach, pain in our back, pressure in our hearts, choking our throats.. Now is the time to release…. we cannot forgive the relatives you did injustice to us, we cannot forgive the boss who put us down, our spouse who tortured us, our mother who blamed us, our father who beat us, our children who took our sacrifice for granted.. our teacher who ridiculed us.. But dear there is no choice.. except Releasing this feeling of negativity.. It is not what happens to us, it is how we take it. No one will realize what they did even if you hold on for years and years.. we have to release from our system to be Free.

This exercise will empty you of your deeply engraved negative mental patterns and worries. It will clear all your suppressed emotions of anger and worry. Once you do this technique, you will feel very light and be free from worries and complex mental patterns. I am sharing with you in the hope and firm belief that each and every one of you will do this in this month. Do this 3 times in a gap of minimum 4 days. Do it as intensely as possible. Then you will never feel the need to to do again in your life.


This technique should be done on an empty stomach, or at least 2 hours after a major meal.
Stand with your eyes closed. Go deeply inside yourself and feel all the pentup rage, anger, hurt, worries due to different reasons. See how heavy you feel.

Now, just start making nonsensical sounds. Do not use words to shout. If you use words, only familiar and recent emotions will surface and also words will give rise to only more words without actually working on the emotions behind them.

Shout absolute gibberish like “La La Da Da Do Do ” ; only, this will open out the unconscious in you; only this will open out the deeply hidden emotions. Wave your hands, shout, scream; if tears flow, let them flow.

Do it with all your might, to vomit out all your negative feelings. Recall the painful incidents as clearly as possible. Visualise the persons involved and feel the emotions involved in those incidents. Bring out all the emotions.

Become completely immersed in them. In the Gibberish tone vomit your hurt, pain and anger.,. and everything that you wanted to tell them but could not. one incident will lead to another and keep on releasing till you remember nothing else.. Do not stop before atleast 21 minutes. At the end of twenty one minutes, stop. With your eyes closed, sit down in silence for atleast 5 minutes. Be a witness to your thoughts. Feel the lightness in your being. Your whole being will be very light and free.

Now in corporate the following affirmations in your daily prayers in the morning and before you sleep

I Can, I Am, I Will, I Give, I love, I forgive, I Trust, I express, I surrender, I accept !

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