A Meditation on My Mother, the Earth

This is my tribute to my Mother, the Earth. We are all children of the one Mother, Bhumi Devi, wife of Vishnu. While Vishnu sustains us by fulfilling our desires, She nurtures us like a mother, ensuring that we are alive and have the necessities of food, air, water and shelter. Her role is to keep our body alive through breath given by Her atmospheric air, food through her vegetation and her lap for us to live on.


I trust and deeply trust my Dharti Ma (mother earth) to take care of my basic needs. I trust Her with my stability. I release every fear of instability. My basic needs of food, shelter, clothing and life will be taken care of by Her. I release all struggle and suffering for basic needs since these needs are actually the bare minimum she provides. I trust Her completely. I know I can totally depend on Her for all my basic needs. She pulls me with her gravitational force, constantly reminding me to stay grounded. She draws my attention to her, occasionally making me look down so that I see her love. She embraces me through the huge envelope of her air.

I know that my needs for money, success, power, assets and fame are actually “pleasure needs” or “hobbies.” They are not my basic needs. I can let go of these pleasures anytime when they are no longer “fun”. Now all I need to do is to realise my deepest desires and pleasures and fulfil them and learn the lessons given by my Cosmic Father, Shiva, so that the purpose for my birth can be complete.  I trust you completely Mother. Through the pain shooting in my legs, knees and feet, you attracted my attention.

You told me: “My dear, here, feel my pull. I am hugging you. Don’t worry about existing because I will give you everything basic that you need to live. Just focus on living with Joy, creating your desires with help of your Father Narayana and learning lessons from your Cosmic Father Shiva. My love will give you the courage to learn the lessons. Release all fear of facing challenges. If you fall, it will be in my lap. I will keep you stable, safe, protected and alive. Your basic needs are the bare minimum. Know that always. It is my job to take care of my creation, because you are my baby. There is enough food, water, air, shelter for everyone to live. Everything else in this world is a power struggle and artificially created scarcity. This pains me and makes me unleash Tsunamis and natural disasters on my own creation to create a balance. Realise this and become grounded and connected with me.”

Forgive me Mother, for not realising your presence until now. I never noticed how my expenses were always met, that I always had a shoulder to rest on, a hand always held me when I was about to fall. I never had to go without a meal, never had to extend my hand to ask for money or sustenance. I trust you Mother with all my love. I trust you fully. I will never ever fear for my basic needs. Now I resolve to face all challenges given by Father Shiva with renewed energy and courage, knowing you are there for me. I will fulfil my deepest pleasures of wealth, abundance, success, name, fame and love with Joy and excitement, knowing that these are my hobbies and father Vishnu will help me create them with “Trust”.  I don’t need to store or accumulate things any more. I don’t need to “Save money for eventualities”. I don’t need to have food, shelter or money in excess, out of fear that they will be taken away. That is your job. I will create whatever I want with pleasure, for the fulfilment of my desires.

I am ready to take on full responsibility for my purpose in life. I will only create that which gives me happiness. I will evolve myself to my full perfection, just as my Father wants.

Take off your shoes and socks and walk barefoot on the grass outside. Feel your Mother beneath your feet.  Let the tears flow. Trust Her. Let Her work through you.

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