5 Glorious Names of Lord Shiva

Perhaps it might be possible to count the number of hair strands on one’s head but the number of hymns equal to that of the hair strands may not suffice when it comes to glorifying Lord Shiva.

The word Shiva means all-auspicious, all-perfect, the blameless and the spiritual. All the Vedic scriptures consider Him to be the greatest yogi of all, the possessors of the celestial mystic powers, the controller of all the senses, the destroyer of dubiety, the original source of River Ganges who purifies even the people of demonic qualities, the honored father of Kartike and Ganesha, and the beloved consort of Goddess Parvati.

Lord Shiva is known by numerous names each of which represents His divine qualities in full. Following are His five most auspicious names. Chanting and meditating on these names surely endows fulfillment of all desires.

Aashutosh: It means one who fulfills wishes and desires without fail. Lord Shiva is known to fulfill all the desires; material or spiritual, of His kind-hearted devotees. In fact, His own heart, mind, body and Soul brim with compassion for anyone who worships His lotus feet selflessly.

Dhanadeepa: Shiva is also known as Dhanadeepa; the one who is lord of wealth. He is in charge of material wealth as well as spiritual wealth and blesses His devotees or anyone who sings His divine glories. Material wealth includes all the economic assets, money and valuable jewelry required to lead a comfortable life. Spiritual wealth includes the divine knowledge a person attains reading holy scriptures under a bona fide Guru and self-realization.

Hara: Remover of sins. It is said that one who realizes the dire consequences of their sinful acts must worship Lord Shiva. Sins are those acts committed against the order of Divine Cosmos. Knowingly or unknowingly, people tend to engage in sinful activities; violence, speaking lies, deception, illicit relationships etc. Those who feel guilt-tripped must surrender to Lord Shiva who alone removes all of their sins.

Shoolin: It means one who has a Trident. Trishool is Shiva’s divine weapon He uses to kill the maliciousness. The Holy Trident epitomizes Creation, Maintenance and Annihilation. It represents past, present and future. In other words, Lord Shiva is the knower of past, present and future of all the jivas on this earth.

Vachaspati: It means the power of speech. Lord Shiva’s divine words are pleasing not only to His devotees but also melt the heart of demons like Ravana. His speech is absolutely flawless, spiritually rich and cosmologically vibrant. One may meditate on this name to attain the power of speech and communication.

These names are just few particles. Shiva is glorified by hundreds of names. In Srimad Bhagvatam (4.2.2) He is described as the greatest spiritual master of the entire world, free from enmity, a peaceful personality and always satisfied in Himself.

For fulfillment of all material and spiritual desires, one may worship and glorify Lord Shiva.

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