Why Things don’t Happen the way You want

Everyone knows that hard work pays in the end. But most people become morose when results don’t show up in their life immediately. When things don’t meet your expectations and the world responds negatively to your efforts, you become impatient. The common refrain is: Why don’t things ever go the way I expect them to happen?

Timing is everything

If you have gone through this experience, you must realise a few things about Life. Have you observed how nature works? Seeds that have been lying dormant for months and years do finally germinate under the right conditions of rain, moisture and heat. The way nature sprouts a seed is a lesson for all of us. There is a right time and right place for everything to come together. Similarly, the right conditions have to come together in your life to take you to the next level.

Qualify yourself for success

Seeds that become trees will give fruit when the time is right. Your actions too, will bear fruit when your karma is ripe. If there is something you want very badly and it hasn’t materialised all this while, it means that life is waiting for some qualification to be met. You need to be qualified for success, or you must release some limiting belief that is holding you back.

Release all fear

You must overcome this limiting belief: “I never get what I desire” or that “I have to struggle hard for success.” There may be an external situation that has to be magnified to propel you to action. For instance, if want to settle abroad and have been trying for it but you’re not able to, then there are factors that are holding you back. It could be that you need to overcome your fears of being alone by yourself, away from family.

Be aligned to Life

Or maybe life is waiting for certain conditions to be met in the external world. It could be that your ailing parent has to be attended first, or maybe the government of that country is changing its immigration laws. There could be something that needs to be taken care of within your family. Whatever it is, know that until that point is reached, what you wish for won’t materialise. Attune yourself to the lessons of life and they will take you to your desired destination at the right time.

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