Is my existence more important for the world or for myself?

My existence is very important to me as it makes me realise who I am. Only because of this illusion of separated-ness, I realise myself. Ultimately we all realise the same qualities of nurturing, creativity, power, abundance, compassion, expression, acceptance and gratitude which are all different expressions of the all compassing energy that is Love. And how beautifully Love is realised in different beings through the different roles they enact! As you collect the fragmented parts of you in the form of body of body, mind, senses and identity and bring them all together in union, you start realising the joy and blessings of being who you are. You never wanted to be anything but you. You have chosen to be you out of the several billion choices. This realisation just brings you on your knees with deep gratitude and humility for the gifts bestowed on you by the kind and compassionate consciousness. And as you complete accept yourself, self realisation dawns…. The river merges into the sea and your consciousness merges with the Absolute truth. And then the greater truth unfolds, which is that your existence was as important to the consciousness. You were created for the consciousness to realise itself. You are what makes the consciousness Purnam.

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