When desire is said to be the root cause of sufferings, how can one achieve success without desires?

Desires drive you outward. They are the ones that pull you into a loop of pleasure and pain, which cause pleasure on their fulfilment and pain when you do not achieve them. It is not possible to have a desire and not have attachment & expectations, thus fear of failure comes with it. Hence, with desire the below things happens

• You close your heart chakra out of fear of pain of failure

• A closed heart chakra aligns you to “who you are not”, which is ego

• Ego aligns you to low self-esteem, insecurity, dependency, illusion and unknown fear

• You end up creating your fears in the illusion of ego

Thus desires are said to be the root cause of suffering. But then, a human being does desire Stability, Relationships, Power, Success, Knowledge, Fulfilment and more. How does he look at them then? The answer is that he has to realise these as his “Natural traits”. There will be pleasure and pain till he thinks he is separate from his true nature or natural traits. The purpose of Yog or Union is this alignment. All practices of Gyan, Dhyan, Dharma and Karma take you on this route. The Soul fulfils his intention of self-realisation through a process called “Sankalpa”. This involves setting an intention for a goal and becoming qualified or evolved to accomplish that. So an intention is what evolves you to achieve what you set out for. In simple words, the answer to this question is one can achieve success by replacing the word “Desire” with “Intention”.

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