Does Life punish us when we do not live Life the way we are supposed to live?

Life is a like a school and it teaches us lessons we need to learn to live purposefully and meaningfully. The ultimate purpose or intention of life is to take us towards realisation of the self.  The divine lessons of the Chakras align us to the metaphysical laws which are vital for spiritual evolution: We learn how to stand up for ourselves and face challenges in the Muladhara; we learn to form meaningful relationships and protect our boundaries in the Swadhistana; we realize our self-power in the Manipura; we learn compassion, forgiveness and trust in Anahata; we learn to understand and make ourselves understood in the Vishuddha; we learn to accept unconditionally and see the reality in Ajna ; and finally learn gratitude and contentment in the Crown Chakra. All these are lessons towards the biggest truth that our true essence is Love and Joy.

When we are not aligned to these divine laws, we face adverse situations which only help us to evolve and learn what we have not learnt.  Take for example a kind-hearted person, who always wants to help others to the point of sacrificing and compromising his own interests and at some point he feels dejected and taken advantage of.  Has life punished him for being kind?  He should realize that Life wants him to learn lessons of Power and assertiveness.  Let us take another example of a person who follows a career to fulfil the wishes of his parents, and after that finds himself unhappy and discontented.  Has Life punished him for being a loving son?  Life is only attempting to teach him to listen to his heart and follow the path really meant for him.  If a person lives a life of greed, lust and selfishness or even cruelty, he faces guilt and remorse and he has to work hard to cut himself from his own heart to avoid these feelings tormenting him.  Ultimately Dharma rules. If you are aligned to life, it supports you.  If not you find yourself alone and facing adversaries and adversities.

But does this imply that life punishes those who are not on path of Dharma? When a person repeatedly faces non aligned situations, instead of grasping the lessons meant to be learnt, he  develops negativity, hopelessness, despair, jealousy, discontentment, low self-esteem and the like emotions.  The negative emotions settle in his body and create physical symptoms of diseases.  And that cements the fear that he is being punished for some bad karma.  That is why most people are God-fearing.  However he needs to understand that every suffering that he faces which he calls punishment by Life, is nothing but self-created by his own emotions which are expressions of his ego that separates him from Life and others.

We have to learn to trust Life and completely surrender to it to take us to our destination of self realisation and know that we are children of a very loving consciousness which loves you and treats you just like a mother tenderly attends to her infant, and coaxes him to stay in the right direction.

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