In this world of duality everything exists as pairs. So to name a few we have light-dark, positive-negative- good-evil, honesty-dishonesty, truth-lie etc. One cannot exist without the other and in fact one is seen because of the other. So we cannot know that someone is powerful, if we don’t know what is powerlessness, right? Or we cannot know that is beautiful unless we label something else as ugly.

So if blessings exist, curse will also exist and if prayers exist then black magic will also exist. To go more deeper in understanding, these pairs can be understood as presence and absence. The positive emotion is always our natural trait and the negative is the absence of that trait. So darkness is the absence of light, evil is the absence of good, dishonesty is the absence of honesty, powerlessness is the absence of power and so on. Since they are absent, these negative traits take us into illusion or a state of repeated thoughts, emotions and fears as they cannot be destroyed because simply they don’t exist. And what we focus us, is what we manifest. So focusing on fear, attracts more situations that bring fear. On the other hand, a positive state brings us into rest or tunes us to our natural behaviour. So honesty, goodness, blessings, prayers make us go within and opposites make us go without. If you go more deeper into understanding this further, I would say that only 2 states exist in this world and they are Love and Fear. Fear is the absence of Love. Fear has so many faces – anger, jealousy, hatred, powerlessness, low self confidence, greed, bigotry, and selfishness are but a few. Love is, simply, unbounded compassion.

Now to handle the question as to whether someone can do black magic on you. Well someone can definitely create an absence of good wishes and prayers when they align to absence of love (which is jealously). Now whether they do through some rituals or through their emotions, it does not matter. And since we are all connected through the plane of consciousness, these emotions can pass on to one who has a weak Manipura chakra (Solar plexus). This chakra is weak for someone who gets easily affected by other’s opinions of him and is strong in one who is internalised in his own self through self belief and self power.

Now coming back to Love vs Fear, the beauty of Love is that it cancels out fear. Love and Fear cannot exist together in the same space at the same time. Thus you cannot hold an angry thought at a person and a loving feeling for him at the same time. It has to be one or the other, for that is the most fundamental lesson of all – that is why you play it out, time and again, and are given chance after chance to wake up and self realise that your world is only temporary, and that you are, in truth the Eternal Spirit incarnated in biological flesh. So to come out of any fearful situation be it black magic, you have to align to love. You have to align to it’s face of power, self confidence, faith, kindness, compassion and wisdom to cancel out fear. You cannot fight fear with fear as it will become more fear. Only Love will find the way.

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