Are illnesses self-created?

I believe that most illness are self-created. Our body is tough and has a wonderful healing and repairing mechanism built into it. Illness indicates discomfort to the body and is a sign by the body that you need to change something. Only when you ignore those signs, do they settle in form of a severe disease that makes you incapacitated in some action of life so that you take serious notice of it. As it is said that thoughts create things. So it is your thoughts that are creating your illness too. Harbouring negative emotions like anger, jealously, hatred, pain or keep worrying for something that has not even happened yet makes these negative emotions travel through your water element and attack every cell of the body.

Diseases of the bones come from blockages of the Muladhara chakra. When you feed yourself fearsome thoughts of instability and insecurity, you weaken your support system, Even laziness and fear of facing challenges weakens your legs. Diseases of the sexual organs come from thoughts that put yourself down or blame the world. In one way, when you perceive that you cannot ‘create’ your life situations due to some limitation in yourself and something to do with others, you harm these organs. Diseases of the intestines and kidneys happen when you find hard to just flush away the unwanted emotions of hatred, anger, fear and pain from your system and instead hold on them out of vengeance. Your stomach becomes weak when you find hard to digest what the world gives you and feel victimised and powerless. You secrete a lot of acid and have acidity when you imagine the world is a dangerous and negative place to live in. Your blood develops pressure when you control people and situations out of fear. Your heart develops blockages when you stop the free flow of love and trust. Your throat and lungs choke up when you supress your expression due to limiting thought forms like guilt or comparison or low self confidence. Sinus and headache happens when you cannot accept what is and nervous system disorders happen when you feel that everything is out of control and lose hope and faith.

Some say illness comes from past karmas. But then past karmas are also limiting beliefs in the system that have surfaced. Indeed body ages and decays which is a part of the natural law of things. Some argue that what is fault of children who are born with a disease. We are not getting into that in this. Life has a way to run itself to teach us what has to be learned. Even through a debilitating condition, life can teach you the most important lessons towards self realisation. One needs to surrender to the lessons the disease teaches him. Have hope and faith in its cure as the nature of life is nurturing and not harm.

Take a view from conventional medical doctors or Ayurveda specialists or anyone in any healing modality; each one of them are able to easily relate the poor lifestyle habits and negative thinking and tendencies with different types of illnesses or diseases that get formed in the body. Many-a-times unconsciously and many-a-times out of obsessive compulsive behaviours, people give in to the temptations that causes illnesses or diseases.

Many diseases are happening due to smoking and poor environmental conditions and excessive use of pesticide. Even that is created by man and it is time that society wakes up. Take another example; when people endlessly ingest red meat and other animal fat – arteries are going to blocked at some point.

One can go on explaining the scientific relation with what poor lifestyle habits, negative thinking and tendencies can cause harm to the body. Better take the below 3 points:

1. Meditate, do exercise, Chakra Sadhana to become much more self aware.

2. Early Prevention through disciplined lifestyle is better than cure.

3. Take good care of what you bring into your system by way of eating, smelling, tasting, touching and hearing. With this practice positive thinking and behaviour.

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