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Obesity is different from being overweight, it means having too much body fat. Obesity is a disease related to excessive weight gain that is considered severely unhealthy. The excess weight may come from muscle, bone, fat, and/or body water. Obesity can be defined as a chronic condition caused by the retention of excessive amounts of body fats. The general symptoms of obesity are excess weight gain and the problems associated with this excess gain. The vital signs of the body are slowed down (from the core body movements to the functioning of bodily systems). This puts the body at severe health risks.

Obesity may be caused by slow metabolism rate which varies from person to person. It may also be the result of the sedentary lifestyle of individuals. Some other causes include overeating, intake of high calorie food, hormonal imbalance and even lack of proper sleep.


Unlike other disorders, obesity is obvious and the extra weight can be measured. It is advised to consult a doctor who will start a follow-up treatment for to maintain the person’s weight in as much healthy range as it is possible. Once the diagnosis has been established and medical treatment has begun, the patient might consider beginning professional Chakra Therapy to enhance and speed up recovery while providing holistic and ultimate healing.

Getting to and staying at a healthy weight is important to reduce the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease.

Chakra Therapy is a unique technique to open the blocked Chakras in the body and treat the ailments caused by these blockages. Chakra Therapy is an alternative therapy that does not have any side effects and treats not only the disease but transforms the affected individual to find their purpose in life and face it with renewed energy and vigor.

Chakra therapy opens the Muladhara Chakra and with the resulting restored energy and vitality the individual can counteract any excess of weight issues.

Obesity in many cases is the result of a blocked Muladhara Chakra. Inhibition of the Muladhara Chakra or Root Chakra, which directs the survival instinct and drive (which is governed by this Chakra), results in a misleading picture of survival, which creates problems with weight retention.

This Chakra provides support and stability in one’s life, as well as the ability to deal with difficulties that arise. When it is obstructed, one experience anxiety about confronting obstacles or facing any challenge. These anxieties present themselves as problems with weight retention.

Excessive demands and expectations. Your parents may have expected you to look after a younger sibling, get excellent grades, and be nice and obedient. It might have been anything that messed with your inner natural limits.

You’ve crossed your own natural limits. Because you couldn’t naturally establish and display your limits, your body has built protective barriers around you. Others were draining your energies and making unreasonable demands. There was no way you could give them all they want. So, you began to feel guilty since you didn’t know how to be all that they want. When you were a child, all you desired was love and admiration from your parents. You would go to any length to get it, regardless of any excess on dedication or effort for to achieve it.

As soon as you realize that these past childhood desires are over and you start to take more care of yourself and what you really want to achieve in life, not what others expect from you but what you truly want for you and your life, you should start to have a clearer idea of your goals and a lighter body to fulfill those.

Chakra Associated with
Chakra Blocked By
Chakra Unblocked When
Rudraksha for Treating Obesity
Gemstone for Treating Obesity

Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST) uses specific Rudraksha and Ratna (gemstone) in precise advanced stringing methodology for chakra awakening and healing.

A blocked Muladhara Chakra can be opened with the use of Rudraksha, gemstones and other techniques. Choosing the appropriate Rudraksha and Ratna as well as wearing them as per RRST methodology unblocks the Root Chakra and controls and balances weight eradicating obesity. 

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