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Everything in our wondrous universe is made out of vibrating energy. It is all energy, from the atoms that make up the gadget you are reading this on, to the millions of molecules present in your body, the environment around you, and all the stars in the cosmos. Subtle aromatherapy influences our psychological and spiritual well-being by using the vibrational, energetic property of essential oils, allowing us to self-heal. When under physical or psychological stress, our body’s vibrations may get out of tune, and energy healing can be utilized to return the body to a healthy, harmonic resonance. Understanding how energy appears throughout the body helps us to direct our energy healing to the areas of the body that mostly need it, which we can accomplish by picking essential oils and fragrances that have a vibrational connection to the chakra that is out of balance.

By calming overactive chakras and stirring underactive chakras, aromatherapy may help regulate the chakras and restore our prana – our Ki, our life force – to its most luminous and resonant form. If you imagine a rainbow, it’s most attractive when it’s balanced and proportional – too much or too little of one color would be unpleasant, creating an uneasy flow dynamic. Each chakra has an equally crucial function, and ignoring one in favor of another might result in an imbalance. However, life is full up of twists and turns, which is why we may utilize subtle aromatherapy to balance out the foolishness of our surroundings.

Consider essential oils to be the “medicine” of the Earth. All essential oils are derived from plants, and because of their molecular structure, essential oils are readily absorbed by the skin. When you smell a grapefruit, a rose, or a sprig of mint, you are detecting the scent created by the plant’s oils. Essential oils are meticulously extracted from the plants into pure and concentrated oils that are then utilized to promote healthy lives using a unique distillation method that dates back to Egyptian times.

Each essential oil has its unique vibrational frequency, which may be attuned to one of the chakra frequencies. The method you employ to balance the energy is not as significant as the intention behind it. In subtle energy healing, intention is everything, thus integrating the intention of healing and spirituality into the process is just as crucial as choosing your essential oils.

You may either diffuse a specific essential oil or combination of them, or make an anointment. You can then massage your skin or have an aromatherapy massage session, preferably in the area located near to the root chakra which is the lower abdomen and lower back, at the base of the spine and around, as in your hips and high thighs but also you can apply them to your feet.

It’s also important to use the correct dosage and dilution depending on how you’re going to use the oils. These vary depending on where the oil is applied to the body. A patch test is usually suggested before using essential oils on your skin or in a bath. If there is no irritation, then you may use the essential oil.

The Root (Muladhara) Chakra, as our earthy grounded chakra, responds quickly to the sense of smell of scents and aromas, and it absorbs very well any essential oil or anointment we place over our skin, also because they are earthy healing substances that match the earthy natural element and quality of Muladhara. As a result, aromatherapy is particularly effective for this chakra without the need for additional procedures, and the results can be perceived immediately.

The vibrations and therapeutic qualities of plants are embodied in essential oils. They not only provide characteristics to the physical body, but they also function on the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Muladhara (Root) Chakra, situated at the base of your tailbone, links you to the ground. To balance Muladhara, use essential oils from plants with earthy and red hues, such as:

Myrrh promotes bravery, serenity, compassion, and acceptance. It brings us closer to our real nature, our essence, grounding us in this truth and helping us to transcend the root chakra’s material side.

Patchouli is often used to give overall health support and to assist in the discharge of unpleasant emotions.

Vetiver is psychologically anchoring, stabilizing, relaxing, and balancing.

Spikenard has a grounding effect without being dulling, delivering a stronger sensation of control and stability.

Sandalwood contains relaxing, soothing, and antidepressant qualities. Sacred Sandalwood oil soothes and harmonizes the emotional body, and it aids in the grounding of excessive troubles hanging on our root chakra.

Frankincense, like Myrrh and Sandalwood, is a holy oil. It has both antidepressant and sedative properties. It is a peaceful, tranquil oil that, like Myrrh, aids in the connection of the crown and root chakras.

Cinnamon promotes adrenal gland function, acts as a tranquilizer, and also has antidepressant properties.

Lavender helps us feel more grounded by relaxing the nervous system and promoting emotional balance.

Cedarwood has a great woody, relaxing fragrance. It is used to alleviate nervous tension and calm aggression.

Carrot Seed essential oil is one of the lesser known root chakra essential oils. When used for root chakra balance, this oil acts as a blood cleanser and a general nervous system tonic.

Ylang Ylang aids in the reduction of excessive root chakra’s related difficulties such as anxiety and fear. It is a soothing and sedative essential oil that has a soothing impact on the nervous system and relieves nervous tension.

The essential oils linked with the root chakra are composed of larger molecules and are classified as base notes, which are deeper, gradually unfolding, and have long-lasting fragrances.

Through the sense of smell our Central Nervous System gets relieved and tuned up balancing our Muladhara and also improving how our energy flows upwards our spine. Thus, essential oils, fragrance diffusers, scents, incense and everything aromatic pleasant for us that may wake up this smelling sense will bring to balance our Muladhara chakra.

You may begin combining essential oils now that you know which ones you can use. Here are some pointers, followed by strategies and ideas for blending. Whatever you select, the goal is to utilize essential oils “mindfully,” so you can observe the subtle changes in your body, mind, and soul as you balance your Muladhara chakra.

Allow your sense of smell to guide you, especially when it comes to the root chakra; any scent or aroma that makes you feel deeply in need of it is indicative to be right for a Muladhara imbalance, and your body will let you know by making you like it. In the same way a sick child with fever is naturally inclined to citrus fruits like orange juice, your body is able to naturally let you known what is best for you and by allowing it you strengthen your self-confidence with it too.

Create a safe and pleasant place for yourself when using essential oils, give yourself silent time, and listen to yourself: embrace your space and let your intuition lead you. When dealing with energy healing, this is always vital.

Try using essential oils every day for a week to determine which ones you like, then repeat the process with the same (favorite) approach for a week to observe the difference.

Try a variety of oils in various combinations to discover which ones have the greatest benefits for you, and keep track of how you felt and what you observed during and after. This allows you to choose which ones are ideal for you.

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