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Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils available from natural elements such as flowers, fruits, grass, herbs, leaves, seeds, roots of plants, and trees. This not only induces mental as well as emotional well-being but also powerfully impacts our chakra system.

Chakras are centers of energy present inside our bodies. They assist us in altering all the processes, starting from the very basic organ function to the most complicated immune system and emotions. Essentially, there are seven major chakras located in our body, specifically from the base of our spine to the crown of the head. Each of these resonate at different vibrational patterns and color frequencies related to their unique functions. If all the chakras are stable, it’s easy to achieve balance in all regions of our life. Aromatherapy via essential oils can help us to attain such stability.

The Manipura chakra is known to supply power, digest what we eat and drink, and be aware of ourselves. Manipura Chakra is that part of the body wherein there’s fire. Hence, to retain its balance we should apply fiery essential oils. Note that when the Manipura Chakra is completely balanced, our body would have efficient digestion, extremely good self-awareness, as well as suitable assertiveness. But when out of balance, Manipura Chakra manifests as immoderate assertiveness, manipulation, as well as the absence of motivation, direction or purpose.

To ease your imagination, think of essential oils as Earth’s “medicine.” As mentioned above, all essential oils are prepared from flowers, and because of their molecular composition, they are effortlessly absorbed by our skin. For instance, the aroma that is produced when you smell a rose, a mango, or a sprig of mint is actually the aroma oil. Using a completely unique distillation process – derived during the Egyptian times – these oils are cautiously extracted from the flowers into naturally focused oils which are then used to construct healthful lifestyles.

There is no right or wrong way to use essential oil. You can smell them or apply on your skin. You can also massage oil directly on the bottom of your feet.

The most common essential oil used for balancing the Manipura Chakra is Neroli. And here’s how to use it:

    • Apply some drops on the upper part of the stomach. After doing so, allow it to absorb into the skin for a moment. Then rub it in circles clockwise near your belly button. This will not only enhance your digestion and decrease bloating, but also regulate your temper and strength levels. 

Also, you can smell Neroli, or simply use it in you candles or diffuser.

Note, Neroli oil can also function as an antidepressant, antibacterial, and immune booster.

Apart from Neroli, Lemon, Rosemary, Ginger, and Peppermint are also known to balance Manipura Chakra. All these essential oils are known to increase your willpower, responsibility, and self-assurance. 

If you are feeling completely drained out of your power, unreliable, or the opposite peaks, you need to pay attention to balancing Manipura Chakra. The imbalance of Manipura Chakra leads to indigestion and organ problems.

 Lemon: Uplifts, refreshes, as well as energizes you to attain the needed stability. Consumption of lemon restores balance and will lead to disposal of confusion. It’s an excellent essential oil for enhancing digestion, circulation, and concentration. 

 Rosemary: It’s the go-to essential oil for Manipura Chakra because it works to grow clarity in addition to alertness. It lessens mental fatigue and mood swings. Rosemary works as a tonic for the liver as well as gallbladder problems.

Peppermint: Facilitates energy-boosting and stress reduction. Peppermint works wonders for the Manipura Chakra because it’s soothing to the digestive system and works up to the mark for belly ailments, like colic, cramps, IBS, and vomiting.

 Ginger: Profits the emotional self via way of means of encouraging self-discipline and energy. It nurtures motivation. Moreover, Ginger alleviates digestive problems like gastric ache and nausea.


Now that you know which essential oils to use for balancing Manipura Chakra, you may learn the blending! Below mentioned are some of the key tips, accompanied with the aid of using strategies and mixed ideas.

Doesn’t matter which one chooses to go with, the main thing is to apply essential oils ‘mindfully.’ So that you note the diffused adjustments happening in your body, thoughts, and soul. 

  • When using your essential oils, create a secure and satisfied Manipura Chakra, permit yourself some quiet time and pay attention to yourself maintain your space and let your instinct to guide you. 
  • From the above-mentioned essential oils, you can choose the one you cope with your Manipura chakra imbalances.
  • While using oils we recommend you write or journal about the oils you’ve chosen, how they made you feel, your observed thoughts, and transformation. Be prudent in noticing the way you feel after using any of these essential oils and the extraordinary strategies. Get in sync with your body. 
  • Try using these oils each day for a complete week before changing your strategy.
  • Experiment with a lot of oils in a variety of blends; see which one of those has high-quality effects. Mix them accordingly!
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