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Affirmations are cycles of favorable phrases recited time and again, keeping in mind an optical notion. They are a mixture of an impactful vision strongly blended with words. Affirmations are adapted to; either imagine, speak, or visualize a specific scheme of ideas frequently. Technically, affirmations are a very effective way of shifting one’s subconscious.

Say you are undergoing a specific phase in your life wherein some thoughts that aren’t good for you keep on running in your mind. In such situations, affirmations can help you break that mental chain that this thought creates. Affirmations practiced on a daily basis assists you in not only amending but also evolving your thought process. Using affirmations, you can unlock the next level of ideas that remained blocked because your subconscious was engaged in a dull scheme of thoughts.

Great minds who have studied the subconscious for years now agree upon the fact that ‘the subconscious has a natural tendency to resist change.’ And we, as individuals can only evolve by making progress i.e., by changing our approaches, just like the life around us. This is the chief fact and tact to understand while grasping the technique of Affirmations.

For it starts with realizing all that you have in life currently and then listing out that which you do not desire. Once you are done with this differentiation, you can pick an ideal affirmation. The important point to remember here is that neither words nor visuals can help you complete the task alone. It is the combination of visuals and words that has the most impact.

To relate it to your life, imagine a task that you aren’t confident of getting done. The reason for that lack of confidence is a stream of ideas hitting your subconscious with a message that “You cannot.” Technically, all that needs to be done here is to replace all those thoughts with the positive ones that strike out loud with a message that, “You can.”

Keep in mind that undergoing this transformation does not only take a considerable amount of time, but also sufficient resilience until new patterns are functioning up to the mark. Essentially, we are playing with the power that single thought, and hence, collection of thoughts exhibit. For, while we are practicing affirmations, each and every syllable creates a favorable consciousness by vibrating at a different rate. And this generates profound emotions as well as impressions inside the psyche.

A classic example of this is to say, “All my life, I will stay cheerful,” and visualize while speaking these words how cheerful you felt lastly when something exciting happened. These affirmations are to be given regularly to yourself to ensure they become an emotion. And the moment there will be an emotion attached to it, more than half of the war has been won. In other words, it’s no more than the simple addition equation: Regular repetition of (Words + Visuals) = Creation of Emotion. The summation of many such created emotions causes the impact you seek.

To practice affirmations on a daily basis, one must become increasingly aware of his or her actions. For it is only through deeds that one can determine what was essential and what was not. And once this is realized, the next step differentiation is clearly available. This step-by-step procedure is critical because it assists you in creating your own affirmations. You now understand that the creation of affirmations and their daily practice do not guarantee their effectiveness. It will not work as expected unless there is a feeling or emotion attached to it.

It’s seen that the generation of original affirmations leads to a faster attachment of feeling and emotion and hence a faster generation of the outcome. Similarly, practicing affirmations without feelings or emotions has its own adversary on the subconscious.

Practicing affirmations in the morning, right after you wake up is known to deliver ideal results as the subconscious is most sensitive during this time. And this needs to be carried out as regularly as any other exercise such as yoga, walking or any other.

Writing down affirmations on a piece of paper is another way to practice it. Practitioners recommend this way as it requires conscious participation of more than one physical sense as compared to the other. Herein, rather than mentally imagining your affirmation, you are asking your hand to pick up a pen and paper and focus on each word that makes up your sentence. Also, while doing so, your eyes are in coordination with your hand. So, in terms of focusing you already have a head start.

Another way to practice affirmations is by involving another physical sense i.e. ears. Recording your affirmations on a device in your own voice and playing them whenever you wish can help you imagine the words, visualize the picture, and associate the emotion. Although this is a more passive way of staying up to the mark with your associations, it’s known to create as good an impact as the other ones.

  • I release the belief that I am the wrong sex
  • I release the belief that I should have been the opposite sex
  • I release the belief that relationships are painful
  • I release the belief that relationships are controlling
  • I release the belief that life is hard
  • I release the belief that love is hard
  • I release the belief that I hate my body
  • I release the belief that I hate being a male/female
  • I release the belief that sex is bad
  • I release the fear of loneliness
  • I release the fear of being rejected
  • I release the fear of being unappreciated
  • I release the ear of being unmotivated
  • I release the fear of being disrespected
  • I release the belief that my body is not right
  • I release the fear of living hand to mouth
  • I release the fear of not having enough money
  • I release the fear of being damaged
  • I release the belief that my needs are not met
  • I release the belief that relationships are unsafe
  • I release the fear of being unsupported in life
  • I release the fear of being unprotected in life
  • I release the fear of being victimized
  • I release the belief that I lack personal identity
  • I release the belief that I am not cherished
  • I release low self-esteem

You can also affirm using words or sentences basis on what you want to achieve

  • I am worthy
  • I am grateful for what I am
  • I am joyful
  • I am divinely looked after
  • My relationships are safe
  • Everything works out the way I desire
  • I have more and enough than I need
  • I am appreciated by everyone
  • I attract like-minded souls who love and support me

While performing affirmations, do not sit with any type of bias in your head. Even if you’ve had bitter experiences performing the task that you are willing to perform with the affirmations currently, remember that you are changing the approach this time. So, have complete faith in the way that you are choosing.

Also, the above mentioned is a general list of affirmations that works best. Choose the one that suits you the most, mold it, amend it, edit it to make it even more appropriate to your current situation. Remember that the more apt your affirmation is, the easier it’ll be to visualize, attach emotions and hence generate results using it.

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