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According to historical Indian traditions, everybody has seven predominant chakras that line up alongside the spine, beginning from the bottom of the backbone and ending at the crown of the head. These chakras are swirling wheels of cosmic power that connect the body with the spiritual energy.

Affirmations are one of the many ways of balancing a selected chakra. Repeating affirmations regularly in a specific manner aligns with universal healing energy for repairing the imbalance or instability of a specific organ present in our body, and/or life. Basically, affirmations are nothing but effective statements that hold the capacity to amend the pattern of thought that is going on in our subconscious minds. Moreover, they guide healing vibrations for our chakras.

Repeating positive affirmations to oneself is the simplest way to open and align chakras. This is achieved via challenging, reducing, and finally, getting rid of the negative thoughts. By practicing affirmations regularly, we can not only preserve our self-integrity, but also raise our self-esteem. After regular implementation of affirmations, we are able to rewire our brains!

There is not much hassle involved in executing affirmations, in fact it is short and easy. Simply select a positive word and repeat it to yourself. This can be spoken in your head, as well as out loud. It is one of the quickest approaches to balance, open, and align your chakras and could be carried out anywhere, anytime! Often, the chakras are blocked because of stress, tension, and different kinds of emotional distress, due to consistent negative thoughts.

Almost all of us have undergone this experience wherein we think, “I am now no longer precise enough.” “Nobody likes me.” “I am unattractive.” These are those phases in our life when negative thoughts easily creep into our minds. And if we don’t screen them, they could repeat in loop. Positive affirmations assist us in ending this cycle and reprogramming our minds!

Affirmations assist in altering beliefs about ourselves and who we are. We can undoubtedly adapt to newly demanding situations and limitations as we increase
our self-identification for creating more than one role for ourselves. This occurs once we are completely true to ourselves.

Although there is no specific manner to exercise affirmations, professionals endorse the subsequent techniques:

  • Writing your affirmations in a journal. Reiterating them three to five times a day.
  • For excellent effect, say them aloud in front of the mirror.
  • Create a regular habit for exercising your affirmations every day at the same time.
  • It is usually recommended to exercise affirmations properly after waking up or going to bed.
  • Practicing affirmations three to five instances a day each time you encounter a negative thought.
  • Try to be as patient as possible for it takes a lot of time to significantly change the complete system of perceptions, thoughts, and behaviors.
  • I forgive myself for anything and everything I did out of ignorance
  • I forgive all those people in the past who have hurt me due to ignorance or weakness
  • I release the feeling that I am unable to take in sweetness
  • I release feelings of being lonely
  • I release feelings of being miserable
  • I release the fear that I am unable to move forward
  • I release the fear that I lack courage to take risks
  • I release the inability to honor myself
  • I release the fear that I am dependent
  • I release the fear that I can’t take care of myself
  • I release all self-doubts from every cell of my body
  • I release the fear that I am undeserving
  • I release the feeling of being guilty
  • I release the fear of other’s thoughts about me
  • I release the feeling of being wounded and hurt
  • I release the feeling of being helpless and know I can change situations
  • I release the fear of being rejected
  • I release the fear that nothing works out for me
  • I release the belief that I can’t forgive
  • I release the pattern of always putting myself down
  • I release the fear that others will put me down
  • I release the need to be noticed
  • I release the pattern of being stuck in recreating my pain over and over
  • I release the feeling that I am invisible
  • I release the feeling that I am easily offended
  • I release the feeling that I am deprived
  • I release the belief that I can’t trust myself
  • I release the belief that I am unworthy of inspiration
  • I release the belief that I am undeserving of God’s support
  • I release the feeling of discouragement from every cell of my body
  • I release the pattern of self-sabotage
  • I release the feeling of disliking myself

To get the most advantage from affirmations, you’ll need to regularly pursue it. Make it a routine by starting with 3 to 5 minutes, two times per day. Have a go at saying your affirmations after waking up and when getting into bed. Once that is achieved, repeat every affirmation multiple times. Pay attention when you are saying it out loud yourself, on the words as they leave your mouth. Most importantly, when you say them, trust them to be true and possible.

Also, ask to someone near you for help. Paying attention to another person saying it out loud assists in bolstering your faith in them. Moreover, make your routine predictable. Make an effort and do not to skip any days.

Show restraint. It might require some investment before you notice any changes, so stay with your training! Do not lose hope. Realize that you can oversee pressure and other life hardships. Both of these assists you with supporting certainty and self-strengthening, further advancing confidence in yourself.

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