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Skin problems are the most common issue that affects everyone at some point in their lives. Chronic or recurring skin conditions are usually incurable, but they can be managed by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Acupuncture and Chakra Therapy, on the other hand, can provide a long-term solution to chronic skin disorders. Eczema, psoriasis, skin irritation, skin reddening, vitiligo, acne, and rosacea are some of the most common skin ailments. Although acne is most common in adolescents, it affects 20% of adults as well. Skin problems must be addressed because they can have a negative impact on our self-esteem. It is caused by both external and internal factors. The most common skin problems are rashes or blotches. Medication and ointments can be used to treat the external causes of skin problems. Internal causes can be treated by altering one’s lifestyle. Chakra therapy is the most effective way to treat recurring skin problems.

When experiencing persistent or recurring skin problems such as those described above, a dermatologist should be consulted to determine the most appropriate medical treatment to follow.

Once the diagnosis has been established and medical treatment has begun, the patient might consider beginning professional Chakra Therapy to enhance and speed up recovery while providing holistic and ultimate healing.

Chakra Therapy is a unique technique to open the blocked Chakras in the body and treat the ailments caused by these blockages. Chakra Therapy is an alternative therapy that does not have any side effects and treats not only the disease but transforms the affected individual to find their purpose in life and face it with renewed energy and vigor. 

Chakra therapy opens the Sahasrara Chakra and with the resulting restored energy and vitality the individual can counteract skin problems.

The Sahasrara Chakra or the Crown Chakra is associated with skin problems. This chakra connects you to the higher power. When it is blocked, the person loses contact with God – or the Universal force behind life, becomes isolated, and is unable to deal with life’s traumas. Because of their connection to their higher consciousness, any person in life has hope. This connection provides the ability to deal with everyday situations. Nevertheless, repeated failures or traumatic incidents that are beyond one’s control cause an individual not only to lose faith and develop anger towards the higher power, but also to question its existence. This creates a scenario of hopelessness, which leads to several disorders. When the energy flow to the Crown Chakra is blocked or stagnated, the central nervous system (CNS) malfunctions, resulting in neurological ailments.  The connection between an individual and God – or the Universal force behind life, is restored by activating the Crown Chakra. An unblocked Crown Chakra liberates the individual from the distress of skin problems restoring the natural health of the skin again.

Chakra Associated with
Chakra Blocked By
Chakra Unblocked When
Rudraksha for Treating Skin Problems
Gemstone for Treating Skin Problems

Spiritual causes of skin problems may include: attempting to keep the world at bay; feeling inadequate or unworthy; and isolating and locking yourself inside due to apprehension about coming out. Someone or something grating on your nerves or making you feel overexposed. Extreme sensitivity to the events and emotions going on around you. Psychological stress can also cause or worsen it, presumably by suppressing normal immune mechanisms.

Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST) uses specific Rudraksha and Ratna (gemstone) in precise advanced stringing methodology for chakra awakening and healing.

A blocked Sahasrara Chakra can be opened with the use of Rudraksha, gemstones and other techniques. Choosing the appropriate Rudraksha and Ratna as well as wearing them as per RRST methodology unblocks the Crown Chakra and prevents and controls skin problems.


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