Quotes By Neeta Singhal

"If you are not manifesting your desires, it means you are controlling them"

"Opinions are bound to change. Don’t be too stuck up about them."

"Start seeing what is there, rather than what is missing, and you will attract more of it."

"Wounds carry deep realisations"

"Don’t try to fill your inner Vacuum. Realise that you are always complete."

"The present moment has everything you ever wanted to be."

"Spirituality is not about looking up or down - it's about looking inward."

"If you resist change, you resist life."

"Love is your quality. Love is not what you do. Love is what you are."

"Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love."

"What you seek is seeking you."

"If you can win over your mind, you can win over the whole world."

"But joy is never tomorrow; it is always now."

"Living in the moment with joy, awareness, and compassion is happiness."

"Nothing stays forever. Good as well as bad times go away."

"Be Powerful not to dominate others, but to conquer yourself."

"Realise yourself in every problem you face in life."

"Negativity is the darkness waiting for light to shine on it."

"Only a truly brave person can open his heart to love."

"Contentment comes from seeing every situation as complete for what it is."

"Anger is a sign that your wisdom is not functioning."

"Live life as if everything is rigged to make you self-empowered"

"Live like the whole life is working with you and for you"

"An ignorant man is imprisoned in his belief systems

"The inner Guru speaks in silence."

"Being grounded enables you to draw in abundance"

"Truth never changes."

"Love is the medium through which God is realised."

"Your mind can deceive, but heart cannot."

"It is a joy to discover the self when you detach with the stories."

"The wound is the area where the Light seeps within you."

"Thoughts are a tool that help you travel memories."

"A powerful man is not one who dominates but the one who conquers."

"Love is the only energy that is required for the manifestation of a desire"

"In life you either Ride your fears or are Killed by your fears."

"Achieve Stability and Wisdom by Overpowering Lust."

"Master your Pride to realise your Inner Beauty."

"Surrender your Senses to live your Highest Purpose."

"Unite with your Inner Self to realise Highest Joy."

"Allow the Divine to Play His music through You."

"Tame the Ego to realise Oneness with Him."

"Rise above the murky waters of the world to realise your Fertile Abundance."

"Your ego emerges from the leftovers of the present."

"A darkness in your consciousness is what is visible as a disease."

"Meditation on darkness to envelop it with light of your consciousness."

"Release attachments to discover Oneness with Life."

"Develop attitude of Let go and you will never Lose anything."

"When nothing ever was mine, what do I grieve for?."

"Happiness is not from anything outside of me. It is my inner state."

" What fear I have when I walk on the path of truth."

"What I AM, IS my Power."

"Spirituality is all about becoming the most loving version of you."

"Your view that you can control life is an illusion. Only thing you can do is remain stuck."

"Stop Pushing things with your mind. Start Pulling with your Heart."

"Your vision expands when your heart expands to accommodate more."

"Honour darkness of failure as the biggest teacher."

" Always ask ‘Who am I’ and you will generate the power to destroy who you are not."

"Goals and desires have to be surrendered to for their intention and not controlled for their outcome."

"It is easy to talk the truth, but it takes the nerves of steel to walk on that path."

"Happiness is a state of the soul and not an emotion of the senses."

"Everything is beautiful when you see from the eyes of the heart."

"Life is not about reaching a destination. It is just about Living."

"It is the mind that is trying to realise You. "

"The inner Guru is the wisdom that tells you the right direction to align to."

"Anything that gives you pleasure and pain cannot be right for you."

"Unless you align to the Truth or Righteousness, you cannot feel powerful."

"Beneath your greatest fear, lies your biggest realisation."

"Success is not outside. It is the realisation within that nothing is impossible if you set your intent upon it."

"It is only you who has to bootstrap himself and get going in life."

"Luck comes to those who do not fear the Toil, Tears and Sweat"

"We are not tested for our weaknesses, but to discover our strengths."

"The fear is simply because you are not living with life, You are living in your mind."

"Success always tiptoes softly in life. It is failure that seem to bang on doors. That’s because Success is natural to the Soul."

"No power of the world can stand before your intention."

"Don’t Be too adamant about what you think. it’s just a point of view that can change with new learnings."

"You are not the doer. Your doing is inacted by who you are."

"Every pain and suffering you go through is an illusion created by the mind."

"Your destination is Here and Now."

"You Create your Being-ness. So for abundance, Become Abundant."

"You rise higher by Letting go of attachments to past and future."

"Feel your emotions deeply enough and you will be liberated from them."

"NO One is You. And That is Your Power over the World."

"IN any Crisis, Be Still and the Solution will dawn."

"People change for you only when there is love."

"Even Sin is pardonable in the eyes of God."

"Love is the ladder to reach God."

"When you change the way you look at things, they change the way you want them to be."

"Anything that seems to push you back, ends up making you stronger."

"Meditation is about finding that changeless, happy and loving self, deep within the heart."

"When you kneel before Him, you can stand up before everyone."

"You are a soul that has a body, mind and senses"

"I cannot control what happens around me, but what happens within me is in my control. "

"Where Science ends, Spirituality begins."

"World will never become a better place; You have to change the way you are looking at it. "

"Nothing outside of you can give you true happiness."

" Love is not what you give to another or receive from another. It is the essence of who you are,"

"How long will you suffer the separation with your true self? Take the journey back home."

" Running after goals and targets takes you away from the Completeness of the present moment."

"The real you is the Consciousness that has Awakened. Why align to who you are Not?"

"The world we live in is a mere illusion. Rise above it to see the beautiful reality reflected in the murky waters."

"Experiences of life happen to uncover the True Self."

"The Atma, the individual self, has no separate existence of its own. It is but a reflection of the divine."

" Your mind is a confused Heart"

"Attachment with anyone is not Love, it is Control"

" You cannot transform anyone or anything unless you throw the light of Love on it"

"Surrender to anything will make it rise to your expectations"

"Intelligence flows through the heart and not the mind"

" Your Creative self is being revealed with every challenge you are facing successfully"

"If someone hurts you, means you had expectations with him. Drop expectations to realise freedom."

"Attachment to anyone or anything in this world will cause suffering."

"The only way to be happy in this world is to rise above it."

"Love is the Light of God passing through you."

"Memories have to be honoured for their teachings and not processed for pleasure or pain."

"Gratitude is the highest emotion that connects you with God."

"The ego you align with is the one that separates you from God."

"When the ‘I’ drops, the ‘You’ drops automatically."

"In His benevolent eyes, there is No Sin that His child makes."

"In Love your Ego melts away."

"Love is what makes Light envelop darkness to make it like itself."

"Oh what an illusion is to think that you are in charge of your life."

"Judgement dissolves when you start seeing completeness in things."

"Your Heart always opens for the Truth."

"Life is a war between the definitions of the mind and the isness of the heart."

"There is no moment other than Now and no consciousness other than Yours."

"Only when you are in the Now, you are YOUR TRUE SELF"

"Staying in the present moment will dramatically reduce stress, enhance your happiness, and give you creative insights."

"Love is the only emotion that is Truly You. "

" When you focus on a fear as a witness, it dissolves in the light of your awareness."

"Your present is a culmination of many dreams of the past. So enjoy it."

"A single Truth has the power to stand against the hundreds of faces of Lies."

"A desire comes from a place of Lack and that is what it attracts. Instead make an intention to become what you desire."

"Release helpless and frustration and use your inner power to change your environment."

"Every problem you face is the darkness tempting you to throw light and expand yourself."

"If you have to choose between Kindness and Righteousness, always choose to be Kind and you will be Right."

"Love happens when the logical mind surrenders."

"Get internalised in your power to find the Warrior within."

"Trust others is easy for those who rest in self power."

"What you believe in, manifests itself for you."

"Anger can be used as a powerful tool to break through your inner fears and bring forth your power."

"Love is the only weapon that will help you win against all adversities."

" Anxiety happens when you are in Illusion that you are the Doer."

"When you align to the state of Truth you are bestowed with the Power of God."

"Fears goes when you know you can handle all that comes."

"Either put a person in your mind with anger or dissolve him in your heart with acceptance."

"Unless you tune to His Laws, you live in the darkness of Ego."

"You cannot change the world. You can change the way you perceive it and deal with it."

"Your perceive the world through the lens of your own definitions, identifications and references."

"When you go beyond both emotions and feelings, your inner senses get tuned to the truth."

"Meditation helps you silence your thoughts and access your inner being."

"Only when you accept what IS, you allow yourself to be responsible for its transformation."

"Everything that happens to you good or bad, ultimately Nurtures you. "

"Your role play as a parent or friend or worker gives you the power to handle situations."

"Contentment truly dawns when you dissociate yourself from Karma."

"To realise Yourself, you need to first release who you are Not."

"Nothing can stop your growth. All that happens finally makes you more empowered."

"Nothing is good or bad in this world. It is just Complete."

"Acceptance opens you to resolve every situation with the intelligence of the heart."

"The Truth is beyond Right and Wrong."

"True Joy does not come from something outside of you. It is the state of your beingness."

"A Mother’s Love is closest to the Love of God for you."

"Stress happens when your senses demand your attention to some situation."

"Nothing is “unpleasant” or “bad” in life. Everything is purposeful."

"It is natural for you to release negativity from everything you take In. "

"Your true identity is only visible against problems."

"What you attract depends on whether you see the world through a lens of fear or a lens of love."

"Breathe deeply and feel loved and nurtured by life."

"Your true self is that which is Not affected."

"Difference between Emotions and Feelings is that one come from Mind and other from Heart. "

"Mind is the Ego of your infinite knowingness"

"A surrendered mind reflects the God within."

"Human being is an expression of life wherein it has a mind that can see itself."

"Optimism is a choice that you take to reflect your gratitude for life."

"Nothing is negative in life. All is Complete and Purposeful."

"You are good for who you are and not for what you do."

"Compassion dawns when you go beyond the ‘I’ and ‘You’."

"Joy is never from external things. It is a state of being."

"When you control someone or something, intelligence stops flowing."

"Anger makes you lose your wisdom."

"There are no problems outside of you. There are only solutions inside."

"You are selfish when you think your experience is different from others."

"Attachments affect you and close your heart."

"With love you open up to understanding."

"You criticise others when you define them as per your perceptions."

"You are victimised when you are dependent."

"Love is honouring the other for who he or she is."

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