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The Sacred Heart (Hrit Padma) Chakra governs life lessons involving love and compassion to become ONE with the Universe. It represents the sweetness and oneness of the Universe with self and teaches the importance of living life unconditionally, with love and compassion. The individual seeks an unrestricted experience of love and affection. He or she is altruistic and empathetic, and he or she has a strong immune system. It denotes a higher level of self-worth and understanding of the Self in alignment with the larger picture of the Universe, and it teaches selflessness and generosity. On the other hand, if it is out of balance, it indicates a complete misalignment with Universal Oneness.
  • Color: Magenta
  • Element: Fire & Water
  • Position: 2 finger breadths below the end of the left Rib cage.
  • Shape: Circle
  • Petals: 8
  • Planet: Venus
  • Deities: Shiva & Shakti, Trimurti, Lakshmi.
  • Action: Be
  • Objective: Release Control to realize Unconditional love and being-ness. It awakens the Buddha within.
  • Glandular-Connection: Pancreas
  • Frequency: 700Hz
  • Voice of Sacred Heart (Hrit Padma) Chakra: “You Are A Divine Soul. Your True Nature Is Joy, Love And Bliss (Sat Cit Ananda)”.

The Sacred Heart (Hrit Padma) Chakra represents total freedom to love, be kind, affectionate, and compassionate. The Supreme Self (Hrit Padma) is another name for the Sacred Heart Chakra (Hrit Padma). It is the indescribable dimension of our being, the fundamental and ultimate nature of our being. The Eyewitness of All our thoughts, emotions, and sensations that are communicated to us by our consciousness. Witness to both the mind and the universe in its inner and outer dimensions. The subtle calling of infinity emanating from the indescribable is the most direct experience of the spiritual heart. The simplicity of this vibration embodies the freshness of revelation – a revelation that comes from “inside” even when the information appears to come from “outside.”

It represents joy, happiness, and Ananda (Sat Cit Ananda) It represents the fact that “the Heart of the Human and the Heart of the Cosmos are One.” The Heart is revealed as more than an individual dimension of our being as we mature spiritually, and it no longer expresses itself in terms of duality. It represents the whole, in which the Subject and the Object, the Witness and the Witnessed, are the same. The Sacred Heart Chakra (Hrit Padma) is the only Chakra that connects to all other Chakras. The Sacred Heart (Hrit Padma) center serves as a link between the finite and infinite, the personal and the transpersonal, the present and eternity. It is called the Infinite Light. It is also the absolute freedom and spontaneity of this Light of Consciousness, which manifests itself to us in various forms. It is the willingness to be open to the Whole.

The Sacred Heart also represents our main opportunity to transcend the limitations of the individuality. “Our behavior itself is the awakening”. In the Spiritual Vedic traditions this Chakra is also referred to as Hridaya Chakra, Hridaya Padma, Hridaya Kamala, Hridaya Amburuha, Hridaya Padmakosha, Hrit Pundarika and Hema Pundarika. In the Tantric traditions this Chakra is referred to as Hridaya Ambhoja, Eight-petaled Padma, Eight-petaled Kamala and the Sixteen-petaled Padma. In Puranic traditions it is referred to as Hrit Saroruha, Hrid Abja, Hrid Ambuja, Hrid Ambhoja, Hriday Ambhoja, Hridaya Kamala, Hridaya Pundarika, Hridaya, Hrit Desha, Ashtapatra and Adi Shodasha chakra.

The Sacred Heart (Hrit Padma) Chakra is blocked by Ego, a lack of internal freedom, manipulative control, and restrictions in the area of Love and Relationships. This Chakra is blocked by feelings of unworthiness, rejection, or even a constant need for attention, grief, hurt, and the like.

The Sacred Heart (Hrit Padma) Chakra stores all negative experiences (including those from previous lives on a subconscious level) related to Love and Relationships. An imbalance in the Sacred Heart (Hrit Padma) Chakra may manifest as a disconnection from seeing relationships as they truly are, and an inability to live in the NOW or the present moment, a lack of understanding of self-love, a lack of warmth in relationships, and attempts to live vicariously but unaware of what it truly means.

Essentially, the energy of the Sacred Heart (Hrit Padma) Chakra is blocked by the “I-ness,” Ego, or Ahamkara. The blockage is caused by selfishness, a lack of self-awareness and self-worth, hatred, pain, and, most importantly, control over relationships. When most people feel unloved, they try to find that love outside of themselves, believing that something must happen before they can find the inner joy and harmony they seek. “I’ll feel loved and whole when I find my soul mate or when my partner changes,” for example, or “I’ll be happy with myself when I lose this weight.” This, however, is an incorrect approach because your energy creates your reality. Your ideal partner will appear in front of you when you feel loved (because you love yourself) and you should know that you already are whole and complete just the way you are. When you decide to be happy with yourself, you will lose weight. Acceptance of the “Now” is essential for success and happiness.

When the Sacred Heart (Hrit Padma) Chakra spins too quickly or is too open, the results are distorted forms of loving relationships, such as conditional or controlled, possessive or obsessive love. It can also manifest in manipulative behavior such as emotional withholding to “punish” or being overly dramatic in relationships with signs of jealousy, hatred, needy cravings for connections, inability to establish healthy boundaries, and a recurrent failure to recognize when a relationship has become abusive.

A sluggish Hrit Padma Chakra inhibits the feeling or experience of love, resulting in a lack of self-love, feelings of unworthiness, and self-pity. Fear of rejection or loss leads to attitudes of loving insufficiently or not at all. Self-righteousness, blaming the other person, a judgmental attitude, and dwelling on past relationship failures are all common. Emotional states include unforgiveness, being stuck in anger over a past betrayal, fear of intimacy, loneliness, depression, and grief. When energy is not flowing freely in the Sacred Heart (Hrit Padma) Chakra, emotional effects such as negativity, harshness, frigidity, depression, lack of love, loneliness, selfishness or self-centeredness, and so on are experienced.


The main issues in healing the Sacred Heart (Hrit Padma) Chakra are finding a higher understanding of self-worth connected with the Universe, total self-acceptance, and the ability to live without controls. Working on healing relationships cords as well as inner child healing and some explorations into past lives helps to release much of the astral debris that is clogging up the Sacred Heart (Hrit Padma) Chakra. Practicing prescribed meditation, becoming self-less and compassionate to everything in the universe is the key. And, to be open to the possibility of finding forgiveness for yourself, for past lives, and for each and everyone else.



Some people crave love, while others actively try to prevent or avoid it from entering their lives. When our Sacred Heart (Hrit Padma) Chakra is distressed or wounded, we tend to build a wall around ourselves, believing that “if I don’t let love in, it can’t hurt me.” However, it was never love that distressed this energy center, but rather the experience of being abandoned, betrayed, or abused. Putting up a wall, ironically, serves as a magnet for those who don’t want genuine heart connections, attracting them again and again. We are all born out of love, to practice, uphold, and share love with all of the universe’s creations.

Indriyas (Senses)

This is the chakra where the senses let go of total control and become the tools for the self-realization of the soul. They function as per their true nature of allowing true feelings to be felt in the heart.

Hrit Padma chakra starts to open once you begin to express selfless and unconditional love; you understand and connect to the Universal Oneness in everything for yourself and others. And also, once you start to be open to the possibility of discovering from an open and unprejudiced Heart.
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