Going in Samadhi

Now that there are several of you meditating, I will teach you how to go in deep Samadhi.. Refer to the picture “Buddha pose” given in the Mudras file folder. Make your right hand in that pose and left hand on your thighs, palm facing Up.. You may sit comfortably on a chair with legs kept the way you feel good. See that your right hand has thumb touching the edge of nail of the right Index finger. Close your eyes and Now move your right hand from right to left at level of your heart chakra ( hollow between the rib cage).. Do very slowly..You will sense a position when your breath become heavy.. Stop there in that pose.. slowly you will realise you are not breathing from nostrils( but cells are breathing on their own)and all thoughts will come to still … You are in Samadhi pose now.. the longer you stay,,. the longer you go in.. after a while you may move your right hand over your left palm, with palm facing up.. you can sit like this for hours without breathing.. This is what Siddhas do when they go underground.. You can too!!

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