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Chakras are described as spinning discs of energy in our body. There are seven dominant energy centers that are responsible for our physical and emotional well-being. When they are open and balanced energy flows freely leading to a healthy and vibrant life.

Every chakra also has a corresponding color that matches its frequency. The energy of colors can be used to help heal or open a particular chakra. In some cases, colors can also be used to enhance the energy flow and uplift the overall energy of the chakra.

Life experiences and environmental stressors can block the chakras or cause imbalance. These may reflect as energy imbalances first but later turn into physical ailments as well. The use of colors can help bring the chakras back in alignment for a healthy life.

Just like everything in nature, colors also have a certain frequency and vibration associated with them. Some colors such as blue are typically associated with calmness and creativity. On the other hand, red resonates with passion and energy.

Adding the energy of these colors to our daily lives can help us enjoy the benefits they represent. Similarly, different colors correspond with different chakras. If a chakra is blocked or has restricted energy flow, the vibration of the color can help open and heal the chakra.

The color of the Sahasrara chakra is violet. It is a purple hue associated with spirituality and supremacy. Located at the crown of the head, this chakra symbolizes peace with others and oneself and is associated with one’s path to spiritual enlightenment.

The Sahasrara chakra represents our ability to connect with our spiritual being. In some cases, it is also connected with the color white which symbolizes purity. When using the colors violet or white to heal this chakra, it helps promote positive thoughts, remove negative energies, and better connect one with their spiritual self.

To heal the Sahasrara chakra using violet, bring the energy of this color to your daily life in a variety of ways. You can also meditate on this color and imagine it shining brightly just above your head at the location of the chakra.

A person with a balanced Sahasrara chakra is able to accept themselves and the people around them. They are less judgmental and critical and have faith in their connection with a higher power. They are often more peaceful and tranquil in nature. They tend to see the bigger picture and hence do not get impacted by small issues in life.

They tend to have clear morals and are able to gauge right from wrong. In the physical body, this chakra is connected to the nervous system and the pineal gland. As these govern most of the body’s critical functions, a person with a balanced Sahasrara chakra will also be in good mental and physical health overall.

Imbalances or blockages in this chakra can manifest in a variety of ways. Spiritually, one may feel disconnected from their higher power and lose faith in their life and circumstances. Additionally, they may also be prone to anxiety, nervousness, and depression. Physically, it may also manifest as headaches and neurological concerns.

When the seventh chakra is blocked, one may feel isolated and lose faith in their higher power. A person with a blocked or underactive chakra may feel overwhelmed with minor issues in life and feel incapable of handling situations. Irritation and anxiety are also often higher. Blockages may also manifest as poor decisiveness and emotional outbursts.

This chakra may also become overactive which is another form of imbalance. Here, one may lose touch with their reality and embark on an extreme spiritual path. Even though they may not be able to connect to Divine power, they tend to lose touch with their physical reality and are often less conversational with others they feel are less spiritually aware. Over time it can lead to severe emotional stress and symptoms such as headaches, irritability and anxiousness.

To heal this chakra using violet color, bring this color to your life. Add objects of this color in your room or paint your wall this color. A great way of balancing the chakra using this color is by visualizing a bright violet hue at the top of your head during meditation. As white is also associated with this chakra, you can also imagine a pure white light in that region.

You can also opt for clothing in shades of purple or jewelry. Certain gemstones are perfect to activate and heal this chakra such as moonstone, amethyst, clear quartz, and selenite. As this chakra represents one’s spiritual connection, include a practice of yoga and meditation in your routine as well.

While the vibrations of violet and white are most associated with the Sahasrara chakra, it is important to note that every color is important. Colors have a wide range of frequencies all of which impact our physical and emotional well-being in some form or the other. Surround yourself in a variety of colors through clothes décor, objects, and jewelry. Take inspiration from nature’s elements to enjoy the befits and energy of a colorful life.

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