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Chakras are energy centers in our body that vibrate at different frequencies. Similarly, colors also have a vibrational energy that they radiate. Based on the frequencies, certain colors resonate with the chakras and can help open and balance the energy in the chakras.

Chakras in the body may get blocked over time. These blockages initially manifest as energy imbalances but can also lead to physical concerns. An open and balanced chakra is important to live a healthy and happy life.

Using the frequency of certain colors, we can help heal our chakras and allow for enhanced energy flow.

Every color has an energy which often impacts our emotions or thoughts. Some colors remind us of bright happy times while some colors denote seriousness. At its core, every color has a vibration.

Similarly, when chakras are open and balanced they vibrate at their relevant frequency and the energy flow is uninterrupted. However, life experiences and negative thoughts can lead to blockages in the chakras.

These blockages can limit the flow of energy and lead to emotional and physical symptoms. By using the relevant color in our life, we can help restore the balance of the chakra and the energy flow.

The color of the Ajna chakra is indigo. It is a blue hue associated with wisdom and deep inner knowledge. This chakra, also known as the third eye chakra, represents our intuition and the ability to see beyond the physical world to connect with the spiritual realm.

The Ajna chakra is connected to our subconscious mind and is the center of intuition and perception. Further, indigo is associated with calm and tranquility. Similarly, when using this color for chakra healing, it evokes a sense of being at peace with oneself thus allowing us to better connect with our spiritual being.

To heal Ajna chakra with Indigo, you can begin to incorporate it in a variety of ways into your life. Feel the energy and power of the color strengthen your energy as you use it in your daily activities.

When the Ajna chakra is in balance, you will have clarity in thought and be quick and decisive. Your ability to concentrate will be better and your mind will be calm and alert. A healthy chakra will also reflect sharp memory and a good ability to imagine and visualize. Here, the judgement of others and fear is lesser while intuitiveness and clarity are higher.

In the physical body, the Ajna chakra is connected to the pineal gland. When this is in balance, it can lead to a healthy energetic life. On the other hand, imbalances can manifest as physical concerns around the eyes, ears, nose, the brain, and the nervous system as well as the pineal gland, manifesting in sinus, headaches, vision problems, neurological disorders, or nightmares.

When the sixth chakra is blocked, you lose your connection with your inner wisdom. You may feel lost or adrift. The imbalance is most likely to present itself physically within the brain and eyes. You may also feel stuck in the day-to-day. Without the guidance of your inner wisdom, you may be unable to look beyond immediate problems and your own opinions. You may feel mentally foggy, anxious, or depressed.

Other signs of third eye chakra blockages or excesses include the following:

  • Rarely feeling creative or inspired; lack of focus
  • Being overly logical or emotional
  • Habitually daydreaming or getting lost in thoughts
  • Superficial interactions with others; mistrust or dislike people easily
  • Excessively arrogant or opinionated; egotistical
  • Suffering from frequent headaches or migraines
  • Chronic vision or sinus problems
  • Lacking focus or decisiveness

To heal your chakra with indigo, surround yourself and your room with things that are indigo in color. Wear indigo color clothes and practice Kundalini yoga. You can also focus on the color indigo during your meditation and visualize it clearly at the center of your eyebrows.

Gemstones are another great way of adding indigo color to your chakra healing. The purple tones of amethyst and the blue hue of lapis lazuli are great choices for this chakra. Other stones include azurite, blue obsidian, lavender quartz, purple fluorite, and sapphire.

The vibration of the indigo color works wonderfully for the Ajna chakra. However, every color has an energy frequency that is beneficial for one’s emotional and physical well-being. Surround yourself in the abundant colors of nature and enjoy all the energies they offer. This will not only help benefit all our chakras but also offer s emotional benefits as well.

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