May 31, 2018

Why am i unable to say no

‘No’ is a simple two-letter word that many people fearful. Many times you say “yes” even though you want to or need to say “no”. Many […]
May 18, 2018

Life is a Role Play in this Vast Divine Cosmic Arena

“All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree. All these aspirations are directed towards enabling man’s life, lifting it from the sphere of […]
May 7, 2018

How to rise above situations that let you down

It is very obvious to build set of expectations, when in a relationship. Be it a healthy friendship, a love affair, sibling, relative or official partner. […]
December 11, 2017

Why do I find hard to change my job?

• Do you feel frustrated in your present job? • Do you feel lack of growth and do not feel appreciated? • Do you feel you […]
December 4, 2017

Why are my children irresponsible?

Often parents are hassled because when in spite of their best efforts, children don’t seem to take responsibility for their food habits, discipline and, not to […]
August 25, 2017


Every year, you make New Year resolutions to eat healthy, exercise or lose weight. You give up and quit as soon as it becomes hard. You […]
August 20, 2017

Do you find yourself unsupported and not receiving any help from other people?

Many times or for some of you, all the time, you find yourself all alone, fighting the challenges and struggles in your life. You feel you […]
August 11, 2017

Can I bring acceptance into a job I do not like?

Do you find yourself stuck in a job that you do not like? And the more you try to grapple with the situation, the harder it […]
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