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Located at the centre of the 7 chakras in the body, the Anahata chakra connects the top 3 chakras with the lower 3 chakras. An open chakra allows energy to flow freely throughout the entire body. Reflecting love and compassion, this chakra helps us feel one with the Universe.

Blockages in this chakra do not just affect our emotional health but may manifest as physical symptoms as well. Problems related to the heart and respiratory system can signify blockages in the Anahata chakra. Additionally, it may also lead to respiratory concerns and a compromised immune system.

Essential oils use the aromas and characteristics of nature’s elements such as flowers, leaves, herbs, grass, and plant roots. The different aromas created here are known to possess diverse physical and mental healing characteristics.

Since ancient times, aromatherapy has been used in healing. The most common way has been using bath oils but these essential oils have also been used in the form of massage oils, incense sticks, and diffusers.

The chakras are energy centres in the body. When they are open, energy flows freely through them and offer a myriad of benefits for the body and mind. However, negative thought patterns and life experiences can lead to blockages in these energy centres.

The characteristics of certain oils match the energy vibrations of these chakras and can help balance them and function well.

All aromas have a specific vibrational energy just like our chakras. By choosing oils that resonate best with Anahata chakra, we can help open and balance the chakra. The Anahata chakra balances emotions of love and compassion.

When out of balance not only does it lead to emotional concerns but can also manifest as physical symptoms ranging from heart disease, asthma, hypertension, poor blood circulation, etc.

When working with essential oils, it is important to follow the instructions carefully. Dilute the oils for topical application as recommended and use only the recommended amounts. Also, be sure to do a patch test to check for any skin irritation that may occur.

Some of the best essential oils to help open and heal the Anahata chakra include:


Frankincense helps bring about feelings of balance and calm. This is particularly beneficial for discord in the respiratory system and to calm feelings of anxiety.


Geranium essential oil has a wonderful comforting floral scent that helps open and nourish the heart chakra. The uplifting scent of this oil can help comfort feelings of loneliness and fear and instead replace them with love and joy. A great way to use Geranium oil is by placing a few drops in a diffuser in your room.


A wonderful oil to uplift your mood and pick-me-up during those lonely and sad moments, Bergamot is another great fragrance for the Anahata chakra. You can get a scented candle with this fragrance and light it in your room. A Bergamot tea is also a great way of enjoying this vibrational energy. As the oil in itself is quite potent, do not use it in your skin unless under the guidance of a professional.


One of the highly recommended and used oils for the Anahata chakra is the gentle and loving aroma of the Rose oil. Not only does it help one feel connected to the love of the Universe but also invokes feelings of love and passion. As pink is a color associated with the Sacred Heart chakra, this oil wonderfully matches the frequency of the Anahata chakra. Add this oil to your bath, get a bunch of fresh roses for your room, or even place a few drops in a diffuser to surround yourself with the vibrational energy of love.


Stress is a common reason for blockages in the Anahata chakra. One of the most calming and stressing aromas is that of the Melissa essential oil. With notes of sweet and subtle lemon, this scent is perfect to relax your mind and bring in some positivity to your day. Use a soap enriched with this oil or apply a few drops of it to your skin with the help of a carrier oil.

Some oils may work on multiple chakras at different vibrations. Thus, when choosing an essential oil, be sure to choose one that is not only relevant to the chakra but also the emotion or intention you are looking to heal.

Additionally, pay close attention to the amount you should use. In some cases, a couple of drops may be what you need to receive the benefits of the oil. Also, when using oils, be sure to focus your attention on the Anahata chakra and feel the emotions you are looking to heal. These may be enhancing love, letting go of anger and hate, or simply connecting with Universal love.

If you have worked with a particular oil before that has suited you, do continue with that. In case you find yourself intuitively attracted to a particular fragrance, it may be what your Anahata chakra needs. You can also experiment with different oils to discover which works best for you.

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