7 Chakra Sadhana Workshops by Neeta Singhal

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People who experience lot of confusions, poor at decision-making find themselves caught in illusions. They are not able to see the reality; their judgment is clouded by egos of their own minds, which makes them fall into illusions and are not able to accept the truth or reality. People, who cannot see the truth or reality find them caught up in lot of confusions, are highly judgmental and end up making wrong decisions most-of-the-times. Even their belief system is mostly wrong, past memories and new references are not in sync. This state-of mind and condition results into close mindedness and they are a victim of ego trap and living in a fantasy world of their own and also have fears that are illusionary. The solution is inside us; it lies in our energy body. In our energy body – the 6th Chakra – Third Eye (Ajna) Chakra is imbalanced; the imbalance of this Chakra is also responsible for health issues like frequent headaches, sinus etc. By balancing this Chakra, you become aware of the actual reality that prevails.

You become like the Goddess Durga; she has the power to destroy all the egos and thoughts created by Maya (Illusion). Your power to see the reality will rise you above any kind of difficult challenges.

Benefits of This Workshop:

Gain clear perception See through illusions Identify ego Chakra balancing meditation

Date: 12th July 2020

Time: 08:00 pm IST - 09:30 pm IST

07:30 am PST - 09:00 am PST

10:30 am EST - 12:00 pm EST

Neeta Singhal is the Chief Executive Director of Rudra Centre, a company formed in 1997 which is the first ISO 9001:2000 certified Rudraksha organisation in the world. She is the Founder of Chakra Yog and has an authority over Aura and Chakra Science.

She is a leading pioneer in the world today on Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy and has been practicing since 2000. She has reached a level of authority today through continuous study and research about Rudraksha beads and Gemstones and how they affect us. During her work she came in contact with experts from TM foundation in USA, Deepak Chopra institute, Master Charles of Synchronicity Foundation, David Frawley (famous Gemmologist), Thomas Ashley Farrand (Author of Healing Mantras) and Richard Shaw Brown (famous Gemmologist from Bangkok) who impressed with her knowledge joined in her cause, and some even became distributors in their countries.

She leads a very busy life attending seminars and conference all over the globe. She meets doctors and psychologists to find ways to offer alternate healing through her knowledge. Her sessions have benefited CEO, business people, working women, House wives, film stars and people from all walks of life. Neeta Singhal B.Sc (Computer Science), MCA (Delhi University) is a modern lady with progressive thinking and is approachable as a good friend to all her followers and admirers all over the world. For the past few years she has been conducting Chakra Yog workshops where she explains the science of Chakras in depth. These detailed so far 'unknown knowledge' and insights of chakras were received by her in deeper stages of meditation. Read more

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